UFO Hunters: FULL EPISODE – Giant UFOs (Season 2, Episode 10) | History

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On April 25, 2007, the captain of a passenger plane observed two bright-yellow flat objects for more than 15 minutes. A pilot from a separate aircraft corroborated the story. The team takes to the skies to probe some of the largest UFO sightings ever recorded, in Season 2, Episode 10, “Giant UFOs”. #UFOHunters
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Watch Project Blue Book, Tuesdays at 10/9c!

Gregory Henley says:

Its funny that on this show they depict the UFO's as giant cigars with the brand wraps on them.

t mckenzie says:

take video or photos then i will believe this.

Ip Man says:

Aliens Do Not Exist. Space Does Not Exist. Earth Is Flat

Thomas Philp says:

Cool hollowagram

GuyverFoxAlpha says:

What you have to ask yourself is, why is it that not only is the government hiding UFO activity, but so are the UFO's?

Creep 2 currency says:

Pay attention

Creep 2 currency says:

It seems like they're speaking incoded lol

Stanley Jenkins says:

We live in a zoo people

reggie julienne says:

would have loved to have seen the ufos instead of radio transmissions or word of mouth.dont these airliners have videos on board?

Greg Smith says:

Probably Hologram 's ?

Gold Eye says:

This is true I've witnessed this a smaller flying vessels followed by a bigger one. They travel like their looking for something.

James Bond 007 says:

UFO’s light / glow is a byproduct of their antigravity propulsion system
The glow is because of extremely high energy output the outside of the craft acts as a Conductor and Ionize the air and that make them glow

James Bond 007 says:

They say Nothing can go / Travel faster then speed of light well that statement is wrong the correct way to say that is Nothing can Accelerate to speed of light but Is not impossible to Travel to Alpha Centauri 4.2 light years away much faster then 4.2 years by creating Artificial Gravity

Kakureru D says:

putting up all of these old eps and in good quality is a good call

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