How a new species of ancestors is changing our theory of human evolution | Juliet Brophy

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In 2013, a treasure trove of unusual fossils were uncovered in a cave in South Africa, and researchers soon realized: these were the remains of a new species of ancient humans. Paleoanthropologist Juliet Brophy takes us inside the discovery of Homo naledi, explaining how this mysterious ancestor is forcing us to rethink where we come from — and what it means to be human.

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MrSifaperdire says:

Finally a Ted speech by someone who has actually something to say

Craziest Atheist says:

So Adam and Eve must have had pea size brains lol.

Adri Xyla says:

son: dad, mom said we're ape.
dad: that's from your mother side, not me

Linus Magnus says:

God created uuussss. You heretics.

John Bollinger says:

I guess you forgot about all the giant skeletons found and been covered up.


Hey evolution science deniers ! Most with a brain say that we naturally strive to find a higher purpose and a higher meaning for existence. The search for a God or Gods. How many differing and plentiful religions do we need as proof ? Surely less than we see currently and historically.
Some without a brain also state that there is no God or Gods. How did we evolve such a nearly universal hunger for a food that never existed ? Does not compute ! Goes contrary to nature and even evolutionary science if it was more honest than cult-like….speaking of leftists….

Rick Ogg says:

so new cave people findings hmm?

Krunoslav Stifter says:

Which gender were they? TED and science, should not be used seriously in the same sentence. Any self respecting actual scientist would refuse to give talk on a platform removed from science as much as TED. BTW. Beyond the cheeky first sentence, the rest is not criticism about the video per se, but platform.

bluealef says:

who screams at the end of every one of these talks… i wanna bump them in the head -.-


A bunch of extinct species similar to humans does NOT mean we evolved from them. This is merely hopeful brainwashing. Coming to a conclusion and then searching for evidence that appears to possibly support the assumed truth. A rabbit hole gone down far too often. The massive amount of data that goes contrary to this assumption is mostly recorded and then left out of the summary. Unfortunately those scientists who are actually cultist believers tend to destroy or ignore data that they find as inconvenient truths. If we had even ONE living example of a transitional species then their argument may be more than hopeful blind belief. Millions of species supposedly evolving should have at least one which is currently between changing from one kind of creature to another. That is the logical conclusion that is either denied or ignored as nonsense. Really ? Hardly scientific is that line of reasoning.

DanDa Theft says:

What If those skulls are ancestor of monkeys……

Mulhim Syed says:

Im preetty profoundly intriguied by this video, help me alot, thanks

John Baldwin says:

How about the other human species that had elongated skulls [ not the human beings that had used head-boarding or head-binding techniques to emulate these unknown ancient people? ] and not to forget of the other species that were considered giants as this is found in ancient lore around the world to have recorded in their texts and to have passed down through stories of every generation among indigenous people and developed ancient societies?
Where did all of the found skeletons that were found around the world of these larger humans that is being hidden?
There is much of human history not known and to forgotten lost knowledge as well as technological advancement from periodic cataclysmic events that the surviving humanity had to start all over?
These megalithic stone structures – we have no idea how did they done it and we cannot replicate their ability to build such structures?!?

Matt Roberts says:

Title correction: How a new species of ancestors is shaping our understanding of human evolution. (Semantics matter; that title suggests evolution was wrong, rather than incomplete)

boson96 says:

This is the best of science at display here. Constantly adapting and changing its pre-existing theories in order to better align with reality. No agenda other than to find the truth.

Rice MenaRQ says:


The ancestors are Trans!!!!

Jordan Keenan says:

My belief is that humans evolved, and extraterrestrials introduced Adam and Eve to give humanity a second chance at Dicipline and Responsibility before becoming immortal, because that last thing we need are immortal warmongers in space

DIRTY T. says:

So it is true…. The more scientists come to find out, the more they realize what they DON'T KNOW. Evolution is real, there is too much evidence to simply deny that theory….HOWEVER, just because evolution is a real part of the circle of life, does not mean that God did not originally create life. Evolution is one thing, abiogenesis is another. Evolution is a credible theory, abiogenesis is just an hypotheses like panspermia. I am of the mindset that "The First Act" was committed by a higher Intelligence than ourselves, and THAT INTELLIGENCE I believe is GOD….Otherwise we are just here by happenstance, which I find incredibly hard to believe. Outside of a "Designer" there is no logical explanation for life to exist in such an inhospitable place such as OUR very own universe.

BitterVoid says:

This just reminds me that there’s actually still disgusting blind religious people in the world, praising fake forces and humans in the sky, still believing we’re the center of the universe, instead of living life striving for health and change and research.

Ace625 A says:

I agree with some people down there that this is very cool and interesting also agree with the fact that we are the worse kind of mammals.. most destructive. Dangerous. Ect.

Youdon'tneedtoknow says:

Wow, I had a final exam on this a few months ago. We learnt similar hominins but the exam didn't actually use an example we learnt but rather certain characteristics you would find in older hominins compared to newer hominins. If only this video came out a few months earlier.

Human Evolution says:

I want to see her hip morphology.

Steel1856 says:

Very interesting. She’s a great speaker.

Riandhita says:

Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where do we go when we die?What lies beyond, and what lay before?

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