Episode Ads NEED TO STOP! (Make Me Suffer)

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I don’t know what’s real anymore. Help me.

Cursed Images • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoqIwZR0zsU
Marshmallow • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFyiQsjCg44
Combining Memes • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0L30aPwfj0U

Save $7 on food delivery • https://drd.sh/bHvyhv/

r/MakeMeSuffer • http://reddit.com/r/makemesuffer

Discord • http://discord.gg/shayy


Eliothebeast says:

This is not okay

jon 324 says:

6:01 it just burns

Umbreon545 says:

I just call it bread

trollypolly life and other stuff says:

I found that Missouri joke not funny and not cool im butt hurt sniff I live in Missouri

al; fun and games but respect the blues or cards around me stares deeply into your eyes ok

I love Tiny Tina says:

I'm mad cause I'm Muslim.

Kaven Raastad says:

A spider is on my bed

Kill it


I watch ducks Every day 1234567 says:

Good you don't hate murders
Phew close one

GI games says:

It's the end.

The Awkward Couch Potato says:

My family calls it the butt of the bread

UnusualPoptart says:

Thank you for speaking the truth

Kaspar Tils says:

5:55 Matt: will you die?
also Matt: tries it immediately 😀

Jacob Vazquez says:

Will you die? Let’s try it.
Matt Shea logic

Kokichi Owoma says:

Back in my days, kids used to call it the Butt Bread

Caleb Z says:

I call it the ass of the bread

Mr. Mr says:

The thumbnail made me

Read More

happy duck says:

Episode sucks

Crystalia Snow says:

I just got an episode ad…

The rainbow gang says:

I committed 9 11

im dumb but says:

My name is shay text me if you think you know me PS people from my school watch this youtuber

Green Clorox Bleach Spray says:

5:54 yeah it just hurts really bad but the rush you get when doing it feels so good I keep doing it every time I have a drink with a straw and I put the straw in my nose and sniff and it hurts and I’m developing an addiction please help.

Paul Hartford says:

Nutella isnt chocolate it is hazelnut

Starz says:

You see an Indian

[Say hi]

[ Make him subscribe to pewdiepie ]

depressing love says:

make me suffer

Blown SCHECHWAN says:

Play episode

Kittypowergirl 2k17 says:

I’ve had this app a long time. The game is not like the ads..

tubetime says:


Grape Shot says:

Human cloning IS possible.

Caleb W says:

Feels bad I got a episode ad before this video.

natsu u says:

I got a word story ad before the vid XD

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