Creepy Contortionist Gets GOLDEN BUZZER On Romania's Got Talent! | Got Talent Global

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Watch this crazy contortion audition by Kidd Strobe that shocked the judges on Romania’s Got Talent 2019!

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Nikolaj BF says:

He looks like a dirtblock with grass on, in minecraft

Annie Ouano says:

Does he have bones. Lmao.

Reniel Dave Ortiz says:

Triple Joint crew same as Turf Beiber!

Raphelle Andrews says:

My nigga frenchie baby!!


Felicitari! Ai gasit un comentariu romanesc!

Martin Black Cat says:

0:05 Amazing !!! Plastic super !!!

michthemush .v.talko says:

CONgrats ON SEven MILLion

时光倒流 says:


Jamaica says:

Lucky him; he can date himself … if you know what I mean.

Ephraim Mcgee says:

This is absolutely Astonishing like if u with me

Bharat.R says:

Umm where is the golden buzzer?

oh yeah yeah says:

It looks like some of his teeth are missing…. guessing he tried to turn the too

Bogdan Rosu says:

Romania careva ?

Kleiton Ferreira says:

Incrível essa apresentação top de mais.

Donovan Caupain says:

He is good God bless hem

xjusthabenx x says:

how far did he yeet that arm?

Алексей П says:

ты копирующий двигу пидр

Donna Hill says:

He was obviously wearing a rubber suit of some sort. I don't think that anyone can do all that . Limber is one thing, but this guy looked as though he was pulling and twisting is shoulder out the socket and his shoulder blade out of place. That would be extremely painful , so I am skeptical about it. If he truly was doing all that, then he is crazy and most surely regret this someday in his life. The pain will catch up with him and will be unbearable. Just speaking from common sense. Good luck to him always, I think there must be a trick to this. Either way it was very creepy but interesting to watch.

Elizabeth Vlogs says:

Русские туть есть?:з
Или я одна?(

Fun Gamer says:


Jacob Roberts says:

This guy is made of rubber.

Waheed Dick says:

What a freak show

Feetu Holm says:

He looks like a xenomorph

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