10 Things Every Graphic Designer Should Own

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Here’s a list of things every Graphic Designer will own.

No links, because I’m not endorsing any brands, but you can find them all easily with some quick googling.

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Andres Santiago says:

all you need is a wacom and a laptop and you're set

Cristian B. Tabor says:

2:04 thank you

Pau Juba says:

Wow, I didn't know smudge guards existed. And here I was thinking this was a righties world haha nah, but for real, those solve one of many lefties inconveniences. Thanks for the tips!

Victor Vinicius R deMatos says:

you are a leftie . (everything makes sense now)

Comet Ak says:

drawing tablet

Marie Designz says:

I would add some cheap markers as well. Amazon sales Ohuhu markers 40 and I think 80 for around 35/40 for the sets. Very comparable to Copic and Blick markers

Justin says:

Hi! Im a 15 year old dude that has learned photoshop and illustrator just with youtube and im pretty good at it and im considering to study Graphic Design in college because its something i really enjoy but i suck at drawing on paper and stuff do you think i should forget graphic design?

# BeardedTeddyDog says:

Hello, which Canon do you have there and is it sufficient for professional graphic design purposes? Looking into DSLRs because what looked good taken using an iPhone looked terrible printed, thus undoing all the hard work (making typography out of a takeaway!). Enjoying your videos Tip Tut, thanks! Ps. Do you really say ‘zee’ tho?!

Vanessa QIN says:

really great advices. Thanks!

Daniel Ortega says:

So many things I didnt know I needed, thanks!

Bonny Firth says:

I would add white gel pens, they're pretty cheap and great for fixing little mistakes

IKaza says:

watching this video
running to the next shopping center
buying the stuff from the video

Kedar Parab says:

Half Decent brush pen is bae ♥

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