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Sorry I was MIA for so long! School was pretty overwhelming the past couple of weeks so excuse the messy schedule. I’ll be posting my skincare video as soon as I get the right footage. Hope you find this video helpful!

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PS I forgot to mention how many times I work out per week, it’s usually 2-5 times depending!!

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SACHEU says:

I got a lot of comments about this so I just want to clarify some points!
when I said I wasn't "skinny" I did not mean that I do not perceive myself at an acceptable weight but rather I do not look like people we usually see in magazines which is totally fine! And I also want to say that when I stated I want to lose 10 more pounds, it was actually a misinformed goal because what I really wanted was to lower my body fat percentage and build more muscle and get more toned. I thought I had to drop more lbs to make that happen but it turns out to be the opposite! My scale actually went up slightly ever since I started toning a bit more but I am totally fine with that. Since this video has gained popularity among women I just want to make it explicitly clear that I am not blindly chasing a lower number
Sarah xx

love potion says:

"I'm definitely not skinny.."
Great. So, I guess my 115 pound 5'4" self is still too fat to be skinny.

Kweenah says:

have I been doing this the whole time? During the week I don’t eat breakfast bc I need to get to school in time I start eating during 12pm at lunch in school and eat the whole day and stop around 7 or 8 to get ready/ go to sleep.

Miguel Floriano says:

160 you look really thick 🙂

No Name says:

You carry your weight so well. When you were 160, you looked like you were just 130 and you were still curvy.

geen marokkaan says:

laughs in muslim *

Pretty Suave says:

You looked so damn good at 160

bts toes says:

“stop stressing” oh well im going to be obese forever

littleBIGthought says:

i was severely skinny-fat starting from age 15-19, and all of a sudden at 19 when I had my first job, i lost so much fat and to this day I've always wondered how that happened(because I gained a lot of it back for a while now…) it was because i did intermittent fasting without even knowing what it was lmaooooo. i ate breakfast at 11, then a heavy snack at like 4, then nothing until the next morning. –_– thank you Sacheu

Shaun Shimizu says:

Going 36 hours without eating is a trip.. You stop being hungry and literally feel like you are super focused. The hardest part is getting past the first day

Yumilka Taveras says:

How long did you take to lose 30 ponds?

Gabrielle Anne Radaza says:

After seeing this video I subscribed immediately to your channel. More substance than form, keep doing what you're doing..for what it's are an inspirstion to me 🙂

Dave Forgot says:

You are sick if you want to weight 118. That means you have an eating dis-order. Sorry

Dave Forgot says:

she's hot but has psy problems to think she needs to loose weight. lol

Yoonsung Choi says:

You look perfectly good now. Dont get tricked by weight. If you have a goal body you want, that is fine but, you dont need to lose any more weight.

Maria Akrivouli says:

Thank you for the video. Informative and clear.

For the haters in the comments section. The term 'breakfast' comes from the idea of breaking a fast after a night of sleeping and not eating.
You can choose when you want to break that fast. It does not necessarily have to be first thing in the morning when you wake up.

ninja says:

15kg?! lol thats amazing!

Moloi Qhekwana says:

I want your before to be my after

Raquel Sc says:

Wow 5.6 and 128? Girl you alright 10 pounds less you’d look gauntly

Suga.Kookie_Monster says:

you have to have fuckin insulin in order to live.

Suga.Kookie_Monster says:

is a type one diabetic and hears about TOO much insulin
im going to actual fight some one i cant fckin produce insulin and that honestly made me angry.

Bryna Periman says:

i’m sorry but this is unhealthy . you’re 120 and 5,7? under bmi scale and you think you’re not skinny ??

Katherine Nguyen says:

Somehow I gained weight intermittent fasting.

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