Vladimir Putin rides horse with female police officers ahead of International Women's Day

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Russian President Vladimir Putin mounted a horse on Thursday and cantered with female police officers in footage broadcast across Russia ahead of International Women’s Day.

Putin has carefully cultivated a macho image during his 19 years in power with photo-ops depicting him riding a horse bare-chested in Siberia, taking a dip in icy water, and piloting a firefighting plane.

The 66-year-old leader, whose ratings have slipped in recent months, was shown on state television in jeans and a jacket with a raised collar, riding a brown horse flanked by female police officers on white horses.

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Arguminium Marcelius says:

Smart folks: they gave him a peaceful horse. May he rest in peace!

YPO6 says:

Very good and professional rider.

Elizabeth Eden says:

What royal family

Bradley Harting says:

You edited the part where his horse went rogue…twice! The guy is no horseman and looks like a scared little girl in the saddle. Damn dictator!

Oworotoru says:

Покажите все, пожалйуста, лошадь испугавшегося президента Путина неожиданно понесла его задом. Причина в слабости, страхах, болезнях и пенсионном возрасте наездника.

Jerome Davy says:

putin is a war criminal. He should be arrested for invading Ukraine.

aslı aa says:

vladimir kuranikerimde yazan sihirli peri dediki anilcaglarerkan i ( venüs ) parantez icinde yazılı gezegende bulabilirmisim b i t e k profesorum d i y e

Arsenij Petrov says:

Вопрос ко всем пригожинским. Что по деньгам? Платят вовремя? Как с социалкой? Стоит вообще идти?

aslı aa says:

vladimir anilin yerine koyduğu profesoru bir ay önce gördüm arabayla yanımdan geçti yemin ederim ben yine anilin yerindekine yapmadım en a r k a d i ş l e r i m e b a k s a b a h u y a n d i g i m d a d i l i m i n u s t u n d e d i ş p a r c a l a r i v a r d i

aslı aa says:

vladimir türkiye ve yurtdışı ABD l i profesör diye anilin yerine koyduğu adamı anil diye tamamen y a p m i s l a r ben b u r d u r a gittiğimde bu anil değil dedim anilin yerindeki p r o f e s o r e g i t kadın yap dedim v u c u d u m u m a h v e d i y o u l k e l e r l e t u r k i y e a n l a s m a l ı

aslı aa says:

vladimirputin soyadımla a y n i bu kadın çıkarmış ulke astralseyehatposetimle bunlar beni b u l a m a z d a sana y a k i n b i u l k e d e n i z l i y o m

Mazepa - Slava Ukrayini says:

В імениТараса Шевченка ми розстріляли 28 московських мавпів. Слава Богу! WE will continue exterminating mockal monkey swine for many years to come. Смерть московським мавпам. WE guarantee it.

Victor Goodman says:

Why he always rides a red horse? Scaring religious people?

Bored Psycho says:

Only Putin and the HM Queen would have the bottle to do that them two and Trump should be running the whole of this world,

john s says:

Am a good judge of charactor also I am heteroserxual sane man, mr putin you sir are for real, I also think mr Trump is a good man to,god bless both of you, as I would support both of you as my own nation is not our own people anymore, mr putin keep your people russian sir as our nation once so strong has been stolen by and sold out by our own goverment, your nation is lucky to have you god bless sir.

Mohammed Sood says:


Trinity angel Kennedy Regan says:

Why is Jeff free

Jim Churchill says:

Great rider.

Sallex1100 says:

С табуреточки на лошадку ахахах

taso denpei says:


Maria Hasova says:

Vladimir Putin je to najlepšie čo Rusko môže mať .

Unknown Anonymous says:

Long live putin from Iraq and Iran

Nomad 97 says:

Да уж, ему далеко до Гурбангулы или Нурсултана. Те как будто в седле родились.

Вячеслав Ив says:


mossberg chloe says:

who else thinks putins riding is trash?

Giso ten Brink says:

I love Putin. Strong leader, proud patriot. Family man. Most westerners I know see right through the propaganda.

EVZYL says:

Imagine any other world leader trying to do this! Best wishes to President Putin from Puerto Montt, Patagonia, Chile.

Tomáš Berger says:

Better riding at hourse than threatening the nucler war

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