Trump says white nationalism is not a rising threat

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President Trump said white nationalism is not a rising threat, but rather a small group of people with very serious problems. Republican strategist and CBSN political contributor Michael Graham and Democratic strategist Joel Payne joined CBSN to discuss the president’s response.

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M says:

White supremacy is not on the rise, no matter how much the media wants to convince you that it is. If anything the far left rhetoric that labels everyone with opposing views a racist, is probably leading individuals to start adopting racist ideology. We need to identify and expose this to the masses before it is to late. Politicians and the media are spending billions in hopes of dividing the nation, wake up people. Our differences are few are similarities are many.

Rod Gossett says:

What a natural clueless idiot, still wheeling his Pale White Magic/Privilege.

Jessica Hamilton says:

Everybody know Trump is a racist there's nothing you could do about it he's a president of the United States.

libsrtraitors says:

Muslins killed 120 the other week including womem and little kids where is the coverage!? Keep it up pro islamic media we have ways around you to get the real information

Jody Sparks says:

when did the white man become so chicken hearted? it used to be (at least my grandparents day and region) that it didnt matter what you believed or looked like, if you had ideas, lets try them. seems to me that the white man is now so uneducated that he fears his own shadow. he realizes that he is in fact inferior to most in the world and has become bitter

Spencer J says:

"It's okay to be white" should be Trump's 2020 slogan

smoooth sea says:

To say trump is not connected is as ignorant as saying the german public were blameless in their complicity during the holocaust.

Mukeet Khan says:

Trump is in NO way a White Nationalist. He is an ORANGE Nationalist!

Semir Manjura says:


Drone Journey says:

Mr. trump have declared that he’s a white nationalist and mr. “liar” trump talking like a true leader (?)

Wado Waleli says:

When Lazarus lay
At the rich man’s gate,
Would Jesus display
Compassion or hate?

ruth depew says:

At least 10-15 million people form a core of Trump's base. If Trump does not know this, he is dangerously delusional. If not, Trump is merely dangerous.

Robert Franz says:

borked video – repeats at 15:40

El Paso Fight Club B.Skyflower says:

Trump suffers from pre-dementia disorder. That C-pac speech was nothing but babbling. Zero sense.. Totally malignant Narcisstic.

Magdalis Almodovar says:

45 got to be kidding me,they are his supporters ,but of course he definitely is going to defend them.. he's a racist himself. His speeches saids all ,all the hate in his speeches says at all that's more then enough.

Richard Lee says:

Trump the white terrorists sympathizer.

Dusty Trails says:

if social media platforms are serious about not supporting trolls then twitter should cancel trump's account, it would drive him crazy(er)

Syed Ottman says:

Trump was creating the hate atmosphere in the world result of terrorist attacked in New Zealand

Arnasalem Ganeson says:

Dont make the white become terrorist …this will happen like in n.zealand have to lose more lives….they made ww1.ww2….pls think it.

jonny jonnyboy1981 says:

He is their leader what do you expect

Syed Ottman says:

Sick person it was terrorist attacked killed 50 people and 50 fatal injured open your eyes

Snarky Snickers says:

white nationalists pumping iron gives Trump a rising threat

manit B says:

CBS enable subtitles automatic . It helps a lot those who are death and who are not fluent in english.

SuperUbermensch says:

Trumps their leader, plain and simple.
MAGA hats or difference.
The GOP has become complicit, (R) = Crypto-Russian.

CommonSense SharedHumanity says:

Captain Clueless

dagmastr12 says:

Mental issues have struck the whole leftist community due to Trump.

shlomo g says:

what would you say if the worst people in the country supported you!

espyXelz says:

God the reporter is soooo ugly.

Jondo Jondo says:

Thats like asking Bin Laden if Islam is a threat.

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