TOP Animal Rescues, Emotional/ Inspiring/ Funny Will Melt Your Heart Compilation. | REAL LIFE HEROES

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►TOP Animal Rescues, Emotional, Inspiring & Funny Will Melt Your Heart Compilation | REAL LIFE HEROES!
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1-Removing Fleas & Ticks From Hedgehog Compilation :
2-Removing Barnacles from Poor Sea Turtles :
3-Removing Botfly Larvae From Poor Rabbit Compilation:

Sf79 Tecnico says:

Una medaglia al valore a voi tutti…
Meno male che esistono persone come voi…


as pessoas que a juda um animal tem pacto com DEUS

PGS_ Gamer says:

The first one was on Polish

НУР. tv says:

спосибо за жызн

Rahul Pratap Singh says:

Really good job

Rosalio Sanabria says:

Que así fuéramos todos que chingon

Ha Vuong says:

Nước ngoài ho yêu đông vật thê ơ việt nam thi bắt về thịt

jay hind ki sena Jaiswal says:

un ko bhi jene ka hak h

jay hind ki sena Jaiswal says:

kash sab ese ho jaye janwaro ko samjhe

jay hind ki sena Jaiswal says:

how sweet bhut hi badiya

Михаил Евдокимов says:

Спасибо за порцию позитива.

Rachmi Linggar says:

Its beautiful

DoRuTa says:

1:44 y pensar que hay gente que sigue diciendo que todos los carabineros de Chile son malos o corruptos…

Sam Chan says:

love forever is the truth

Tai Ma says:

Những hành dộng dẹp của Con người.

Parimala Baste says:

Real Angels helping this animals

dylan nelson says:

hmmmm now if could have meetings like this with other humans, bring peace with us and others

Blaire Lucas says:

It’s nice but…

Why are they recording?

George Judd says:

People who truly care

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