New space discovery has astronomers buzzing

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Newly-discovered repeating waves from deep space have led some experts to question whether aliens are out there.

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James Reaven says:

now i know my anus is called a gas giant thx science the right pronunciation is ouranous btw

sailingsolar says:

This video has as much to do with science, as God has to do with mericles.

Grt124 Z says:

This reporter is really good at his job. Even though he is not really much into the subject, he has analysed and read about it and asks good questions.

u235u235u235 says:

15:26 horrible answer to his question.

Joseph Percy says:

The idea that any civilization would communicate over such vast distances with radio waves is just silly….yet that’s what SETI is based on.

JewTube says:

Ok. lets break it down so the lame person can understand

seenontvreviews says:

Best deception EVER! Thanks NASA, it's been quite entertaining to watch! As Bill Nye actually said, "The earth is a closed system. We cannot leave the earth. There is no place to go."

J Polar says:

It must of been a slow news day to have a story like this on the news. I can think of other more important news about astronomy instead of this .


"Live" news??? More like millennia old news… Why can't people wake up to the fact the govs been keeping there workings with e.ts from us…. I'm not even a conspiracy nut and I believe it more than us being alone in the universe

shane thompson says:

Can some one please tell me why are we looking for radio waves ???
That is old tec for us let alone advanced life forms

Aren’t we in the digital age wouldn’t it make more sense to look for light signals or some theoretical signals
Just saying at the moment we are looking for others at the same advanced level we are at

Carlos Penalver says:

Here's a long shot. But remember that Asian airliner that went off the radar? I always said the pilots on a suicide mission took the plane as high as it could and went into outer orbit of earth and disappeared. Why would I suspect that? They found they , experienced pilots had in an apartment a flight simulation they built but to practice what? Not some terrorist who knew Jack about how to fly but experienced pilots. The beacon kept sending signals long after had they crashed in the sea where it would have ceases to continue to send pings. And I am pretty sure if one person survived off oxygen onboard this might be that one sending an SOS. I TOLD YOU IT WAS A LONG SHOT but boy oh boy it be unbelievable if it is what the signal is..

Da Os says:

the presenter is clearly an alien

Sakura Flower says:

Hope they are not dangerous ><

Sakura Flower says:

I'm amazed

Hugh B. MacLeod says:

It's a caravan of illegal aliens. Put up a wall around the solar system. It will cost, um, using Trump math, only a few billion….

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