Montel Williams Tells Dr. Oz Why He Uses Medical Marijuana

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Former TV personality Montel Williams talks to Dr. Oz about how using medical marijuana helps him deal with the pain from multiple sclerosis.

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Calvin Ellis says:

My pain is disc and pinched nerves in my back people who don't have this and ms pain don't realize what it's like.

Lee Harvey Oswald says:

But the Federal Govt says Marijuana has no Medical benefits……and if you have a Medical Marijuana card……you forfeit your 2nd Amendment Rights.

D3ds3c says:

Am i the only one who came here from mad tv?

Jessica Hodgkins says:

Thank you for your advocacy Montel

Isaac Guerrero says:

Does it cure ms?

David kowalewski says:

get a float pod from pureflaotpods… Pain gone!

DrZO2 says:

He’s high asf

Juan Ramos says:

I love montel williams and Dr. Oz. Montel is a good man and he has a heart of gold. I use watch his show back in the 90s when I was a kid.

Logan Via says:

Marijuana is amazing

Jennifer W says:

Not only does my state not allow marijuana, but also my husband, who used to lift weights and power walk 5 miles a day, is being taken off of the only narcotic medicine that was helping him. He is 90% bedridden now. If I drive him down the road, he will be in pain the rest of the day.
shame on those who very publicly used medication as party drugs, and even put them on videos. but shame on the DEA, for causing people in serious pain to be taken off these medications because of irresponsible people. There are people committing suicide, because they are left with no hope. to me, their blood is on all of those people's hands.
meanwhile, make marijuana legal! 20 years ago I never would have said this. but if they're going to take away the only things that help, they must put something in its place. and CBD oil is like water to him. No help.

Jason Santiago says:

I feel you montel Williams I have m.s, also

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