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Addiction specialist Dr. Jon Ebbert explains how medical marijuana is being used to treat disease symptoms and pain. This interview originally aired Sept. 24, 2016.


All About Glaucoma Jasmyn Polite says:

Medical marijuana treats glaucoma.

Green Man says:

Good luck getting in to a medical dispensary without proper official authorization.

Green Man says:

End federal schedule one statis.

Green Man says:

End federal schedule one statis.

zoe1baby says:

What strains are best for a chronic pain such as back and hips and legs and feet and arthritis? I don't want to smell to it I want to eat it..

Billy O'really says:

I can tell you for a fact, when I eat an indica dominant edible I will most likely get high and fall asleep, but when I wake up the arthritis in my neck, back, shoulders and hands doesn't hurt for a week or sometimes close to two. However, the pain pills the Dr wants me to take only help the first couple times I take it, but also makes me sick and are proven to be deadly. Cannabis can be argued to be addictive, but it is about as addictive as coffee or less. The opiates the doctor's try to give me are proven to be deadly and just the withdrawal of them can be so painful a person goes into shock and dies. The withdrawal of cannabis is you are irritable and have trouble sleeping. That means perfectly legal opiates are better for you?

Pris G says:

Marijuana is a blessing for alot of people believe it or not

Tina Rucker says:

In my own experience I had a bf who was addicted to pot . Yes I know what everyone says about that. Supposedly you can't but when that's all you want to do is smoke pot. That's being addicted. Also when you put yourself in a dangerous situation to seek out pot then there's a problem.

willow kat says:

Withdrawl oh my god

Diann Guillot says:

where are the people going to be tested on

diane Ribbentrop says:

MEDICAL Marjuana made me very sick, threw up, dizzy and lost track of time and space Never again

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