Mass shooting at Christchurch mosque

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There is a “serious and evolving” situation with an active shooter in Christchurch, New Zealand, police commissioner Mike Bush said. In a statement read on TV 3 New Zealand, police said one person was in custody. Police said there are a number of causalities but did not specify how many. CBS News partner Newshub affiliates Erin Speedy, Tova O’Brien, Thomas Mead report.

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Nabil Essadiki says:

7 mn shooting … too much time without any police forces interventions ?? NZ you are a suspect number 1

Solus says:

This is a tragic response to an invasion of evil liars, hypocrites, oppressors, abusers, perpetual victims and leeches!

The Third Position says:

In New Zealand you aren’t trapped in a mosque with Muslims, muslims are trapped in a mosque with you.

Oscar says:

Who’s got the footage

Alex Dulko says:

Including CHILDREN? Dude hope he gets 160 years in prisión and drops the soap in the showers

aquila 80465 says:

imagine Indian Muslim turning into ISIS after this.. imagine the population…

Ammonia says:

Is there anywhere left that doesn't have mosques. These ppl have infiltrated everywhere jesus there will be no white christians left soon. I thought at least new zealand wouldn't become a ghetto 3rd world like germany, sweden and the uk but I guess they are already gone too

Monika Sienkiewicz says:

He's not far-right.
He's far-left.
He self-describes as eco-fascist which is a left-right combo by many measures and says the country that most closely represents his views is the People's Republic of China ..a Leftist-Marxist state.

DMIllVEVO says:

I watched the video the shooter livestreamed he thought it was game. This man executed peaceful people with no regrets pure evil

VK says:

Hope children writhed in agony before they died?

Rvatina says:

Nice, people are waking up. Let them know they aint welcome

tri beka says:

This is the first video that havent locked the comments after having the name gunman on thier video, he was a terrorist just get that in your head a terrorist he is a white terrorist a gunman terrorist !

Sean Lee says:

Muslims and christians killing each other like dogs for centuries, it’s time for the world abolished both religions. Buddhist forever

Ed Bolam says:

Open season on muslims!!!! Get them dirty mother fuckers!!! And let that hero go free

Waseem Khan says:

prays for all Muslims who are died (Shaheed).
He was not a gun man he is a Big TERRORIST. Please atleast speak truth on this momment…

marin khan says:

Migrant don't like the other migrants . Wtf

Florian Zeim says:

14 yrs you say for sharing? Kebab removalist, admire his work:!/v/highimpactflix/l3p2l643

Tasty Toast says:

Geez killing people bring u nowhere

beautiful world says:

Abrahamic religions spread peace and love among themselves

Ban religion

Chongo Mondo says:

People here in the comments section are so hung up on what to label the the killer as, a gunman or a terrorist. It detracts from the fact that man was simply nothing more than a mentally unstable murderer. You're the ones trying to make this political to further an agenda of demonization of the right. At best this was a reaction to the increasing amount of crimes that were/are committed by unvetted immigrants that are ruining a lot of western nations. I swear yall are just looking for likes on your comments.

Alex Guerrazzi says:

The fascists are raising their heads thanks to leftists rats;they bring ONLY Immigration degradatation, terrorism and so on

jajceboy says:

Sadly this was to be expected. In a climate where Islamophobia is not only tolerated but openly celebrated this kind of thing happens. Where Islam has been made out the enemy and something to be protected from. We have Trump banning Muslims from entering, calling it safety measure. Notice how he didn't call it terrorist attack. When we have leaders in Italy and Hungary proudly proclaiming themselves to be protector of Europe against Muslim invaders this happens. Notice how these two countries didn't condemn the shootings..
Every one been so focused on IS but completely ignores right wing extremism, even allowing it to happen. Sadly we will continue to be blind and this will happen again somewhere else..

M. knazmi says:

Lesson learned: Terrorism ≠ Religion

Just Basics says:

FULL Video of shooting your welcome.

Martin Siholanda samosir says:

Which was danger, terorist from psichopat background or terorist from religion background.

Ariyan Wijaya says:

just a brief phrase to spark one's mind:

QS 49:13
"O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another.."

-not for fighting each other

TasnimFK says:

He’s a terrorist

luhith elyon says:


The attacks have some local sources saying that the ongoing violence is part of a “grand plan to Islamize Nigeria.”

“The killings are becoming no longer herder and farmer clashes” but a “deliberate attempt to conquer and occupy the land of the people’s ancestral heritage,” said Dr. Soja Bewarang, who also denounced the attack on a Bible school that trained African missionaries in Gana-Ropp village.

Reverend Gideon Para-Mallam, of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students in Jos and founder of the Citizens Monitoriing Group working with Christians and Muslims in Nigeria, notes that the violence is part of a pattern, an emerging genda, saying that it is “another Boko Haram in disguise.”

The same Fulani people who have been living in peace with farmers suddenly have changed from using sticks to tend their cows, all of a sudden going to the farmlands, killing Christian farmers. their wives and children, surrounding whole villages. It’s a pointer … because Plateau state is the epicenter of Christianity.”

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