Putin’s world

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On March 13, Foreign Policy at Brookings hosted Angela Stent, director of the Center for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies; professor of government and foreign service at Georgetown University; and nonresident senior fellow at Brookings, for a discussion inspired by her new book “Putin’s World: Russia Against the West and with the Rest.”

https://www.brookings.edu/events/putins-world/ (transcript available)

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City Point says:

Putin…also hijacked by Rabbi's. tsss

Mazepa - Slava Ukrayini says:

Смерть московським мавпам. WE guarantee it.

Moises Rueda Rivero says:

Regarding what putin said about the collapse of the Soviet Union in a 60min interview show he explained what he meant: He said paraphrasing him " Can you image what for about 20 millon russian meant being suddenly being in another country other than yours; families were torn apart". That was what he ment by a geopolitical cathastrophe, when the Soviet Union fell apart. He also said, paraprhasing him "each who doesn't regret the fall of the Soviet Union has no heart, but each who wants the Soviet Union back has no brain". Than means that the these that the first speaker said about Russia that has expansionist politic is garbage.
These persons wonder why Russia hasn´t become like the west, is simple, they habe seen what neoliberal democratie has brought to their country during the 90´s , missery , hunger, poverty, deindustralizing. The west found Russia nice as long a president like Yeltsin did what their master in USA let him do. The west needed Russia only as a market for their products and a source for natural resorces. The west is no interested in a strong RUSSIA, because that would mean to have a competitor on the market (so far for the "defender" of the free market). The west know that russian people are very resourceful, they have brillant scientists and inventors and now are starting to learn be more innovative (that means they are learning how to sell better their inventions on the world market). Somebody said, let Russia have 20 years of peace and you won´t recognize it, because it will be a very nice place to live.
Russia as a whole, and not only president Putin has recognize that a Soveren RUSSIA is vital for the existence of RUSSIA. They have recognize that the west is not reliable partner, they apply uniteral sanctions whenever they will. Sanctions were hurtfull at the beginning 2014-2015, then they have figured out that they have for a long time rely on western technology and finanzes, that speeded the creation of new national industries and the localilzation of other foreign technologies inside RUSSIA, the creation of a National Payment System that is starting to expand in the first round to the CIS countries and will find others surly thereafter.This process is continuing, there is still to much to do. But the primarly driving force for the beheavor of RUSSIA is the desire to be as much independent as possible and that is what the NEOLIBERAL WEST HATES. The WEST doesn´t understad if you put a russian under pressure, they become more inventive, they start to use their brains more effective. How could you otherwise explain how the russian people in Leningrad, today San Petersburg, during the siege of their city in World War II were able to survive more than a year.THEY ARE SURVIVERS.RUSSIANS know hat WAR MEANS, they FEAR WAR, but THEY ARE PREPARE FOR IT. Contrary to the NORTH AMERICANS that know WAR from VIDEO GAMES.
Is not about human rights, democracy or else, is about the greedy corporate interest of the big transnational corporations that want to control the market and the natural resorces of RUSSIA. I think once said Brezinsky (maybe I wrote the name incorrectly), whoever controls eurasia, will control the world.A best example for the doppel moral of the west is the assesination of the saudi journalist in Turkey. USA an their allies let pass that horrible crime, because SAUDIA ARABIA is vital for the preservation of the PETRODOLLAR, the real power of USA , that allows the USA printing money out of thin air.
AS far of the "ANEXATION AND INVATION OF CRIMEA". An anexation and invation is a violent act where people died as a result of military conforntation between the local population and foreign forces. To mine knowledge there was not any casualties, rather it was a referedum with a 80% participation, from which 97% aproved being part of RUSSIA. Furthermore Russia already had 25000 trupps there because it has its navy and a military base, so it can not be said that was an invation. On the contrary Kosovo never had a Referendum, and still USA and their allies recognised it.
Ukrania is beign used as a pawn against Russians, now people in the areas where preodominantly speak russian they have seen their rights restricted and they are afraid (see the massaker in Odessa) to speak out against the government in KIev, so these polls , which the lady alluded to don´t reflect the reallity, I would agree with the lady that Ukrain is looking more to a transatlantic conextion, but no the people, its their corrupt political elite. Which advantage has become Ukrain from the EU, Can they sell their industrie productos in the EU? No. Russia is still for Ukrain an importan market for their products, because the EU won´t buy anything, other than eggs and chicken.
The so called russian interference and hacking the ellections in the USA, until now the USA INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES has come to the conclusion tha RUSSIA wih a HIGH PROCENTANGE PROPABILITY(MEANING THEY HAVE NOTHING), hacked the USA election making the USA president a manchurian candidat for RUSSIA.
Yes, dear lady, the stablishment of both parties (two sites of the same coin), the ingelligence agencies, the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, AIPAC, and the many NEOLIBERAL AND NEOCONS THINK TANKS in WASHINGTON have put TRUMP into a box, because they love interventions, regime changes and confrontations making impossible an reaprochement with RUSSIA, A NUCLEAR SUPER POWER. They rather have a confrontation wiht RUSSIA, which would lead to end life on the PLANET, than abandon the bussines model, that bring them enorm profits.Whitout this bussines model these OPPORTUNISTS are not able to sell their books and be paid for their "expertise speeches". In other words they are worthless because they don't produce anything wiht value, they are parasits.
This exceptionalist attitute of the WEST make you think that the WEST is the whole planet. There are more than 190 contries in the world. Who they think they are. RUSSIA is not isolated.
Is a ILLUTION that USA has a DEMOCRACY, is rather a PLUTOCRACY and there is no free press. Theres is only a CORPORATE PRESS, which is own by their AVERTEISERS.

SIR Lord Henry mortimer says:

I just hope Russia doesn't go down USSR way and disintegrate after the putin's departure .

Fucking midget Putin single handedly ripping Russia apart.

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