I came back to China – and I'm getting evicted!

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Don’t worry – I’m not getting kicked out of China. But I am getting kicked out of my apartment in Shenzhen on very short notice, which is definitely throwing a monkey wrench in my plans.

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Strange Parts says:

EDIT: Ok, I hear you guys – the original video title was too far over the line. I was just trying to have a bit of fun with an otherwise pretty shitty situation, and something that I've been tearing my hair out about for the past two weeks. However, I'm hearing you guys loud and clear that I took it a little bit too far. I've changed the video title from "I came back to China – and they're kicking me out!" to "I came back to China – and I'm getting evicted!" I do take being honest with you guys super seriously, and I wouldn't want something as silly as a video title to get in the way of that. That being said, I hope you watch the whole video – this is a major disruption for me and the channel, but there's also a silver lining.

Original comment:

Ok, this title and intro might be a bit on the clickbaity side:) But this is still a major disruption for Strange Parts, so I wanted to make sure to keep you all in the loop. Makes sure you watch the whole thing to get the full story.

Edison Vlogs says:


weed says:

I’m sorry man

Jack Ma says:

strange that he morphed from cool content with honest titles that he followed up on, to this Buzzfeed-style clickbait. Makes me feel shitty about watching his content

J P says:

Good luck man! Can't wait to see your new space.

Josh says:

Finally getting the feeling that you belong in the home you have grown to get used to to then have it changed 3 months later I really feel you man as a techy and as a apartment owner.

[SNP3] gaming channel says:

when i saw this i was like sh*t theres no mire strange parts no more and im glad ur not actually getting kicked out of the COUNTRY

Siddharth Gautam says:

Sorry to hear that bro , come to Guangzhou you can live with me +8615625001652 call me brother

Max Lil says:

I wanna see u build a foldable iPhone like the new Huawei and Samsung.

efratj says:

What program does he is using in his laptop ?

Jairo Queiroz says:

Changing is the only certainty in life. Enjoy and please don’t stop making videos.
I wasn’t inspired of creating my own iPhone by a lot of things but get inspired in using iPhone and getting it refurbished. Despite of that it’s still a great experience.
Best regards

Phr3d13 says:

Good luck! I hope you find a compatible place soon, I miss your videos!

Tyler Webster says:

I just recently started watching your channel, and immediately fell in love with your adventures. as a maker, I find it super engaging to watch other countries and how they go about making anything and everything. Even better so with less resources that those we take advantage of here. I personally can not wait to watch more of your channel when they are posted.

Ping Hei Tse says:

Hey your fans are happy to help if you need us.

King of Existance says:

Just find a better place u have money…

WILNEL says:

from watching other china videos…its odd that maintenance is even done

p r o t o c o l says:

Good luck man, you got this

Sean C. says:

Sometimes we forget that China is still a repressive communist regime that closely monitors people and information despite its success and progress in recent years.

Sean C. says:

Who uses wallpaper in 2019? Are they remodeling back to 1980?

Richardz says:

Strange days indeed, good luck.

jeetfromusa says:

Do you know why they are kicking you out? You need haircut and shave or trim your ugly beard.

petev23 says:

Clickbait title

David Yang says:


清德賴 says:

This title.。。。I thought I was on the serpentZA channel.

Ben Kucenski says:

The hazards of being a renter. In the US, you get 30 days if you're month to month or 60 if you're under contract. If owners couldn't get people out, they'd be between a rock and a hard place when it comes time to fix things. Even something like changing carpet is a pain in the butt if there is stuff everywhere. Keep your rent low, save up, and find something you can own. The walls don't matter. Just buy a screen to put behind you with whatever pattern your want on it.

Mark Seveland says:

Bittersweat. But your future looks bright. Will be here waiting for the next video. Good luck on the Chinese real estate thing.

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