China's artificial sun to be completed this year | What the Future

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China’s HL-2M Tokamak fusion device is expected to be finished by the end of this year. Also, we take a look at how developers are teaching their blind robot to go up stairs, and how wireless in-flight charging could help drones fly indefinitely.

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William Chao says:

didn't they say EAST stole infomation from ITER?

Shilun Zhang says:

That forever flying drones are sooo scary
Think about it guards or spy on people every day

Detective Ryuzaki says:

I think china been watching much spider-man 2

andtam008 says:

No way the artificial sun is going to complete this year. I don't know where the host got his information.

Land of pîss and pôôp says:

Great news for China.

Zenn Lozanno says:

China is the master of counterfeiting things, they even made a fake sun

Eliusalmo1 says:

Very interesting!

Khondoker Istehad Kabir says:

Am I the only one, or
Does he look like Pewdiepie in the thumbnail!?

hyou zan ren says:

I bet doctor Octopus involved on this!

Shasta Graff says:

Like most things developed by China, they don't have it.

Ian Lambert says:

Or blow up the earth wtf

Semi-Charmed Life says:

The reason why Cassie can't conquer stairs is because human stairs are flaw. If its makes mistake for robots to walk on stairs its the same with human. FIX those stairs!

tigresuave11 says:

Could the magnetic field generator be applied towards regular power use? It seems like it would be a more consistent source of energy than sun or wind power. I admit that I have to look into it more, but it sounds promising.

US Of Zion says:

Nuclear Fusion will be the future of space travel.

Custom Adventurist says:

1:15 does anyone hear the duck noise when he says France??

Das reich says:

Holy shit the number of ignorant people in the comments

SilcoSilva Hidayat says:

I'm curious to see how lightning behaves around a 'power cloud'…
Here in Singapore, where we have buildings everywhere that is fitted with mobile antenna modules, lightnings loved to strike these mobile towers till each needs it's own lightning rods to be protected and function normally in a heavy storm…

Ommar Atilano says:

There's already an artificial sun!!! Wake TF up

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