Web Design Speed Art #5 – Travel website [Adobe XD]

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In this SpeedArt, we’re going to make a Travel website in Adobe Experience Design.

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Kronicle – Wake Up
Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/the-chemist-10

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Hi! I’m Coen and I love creating stunning experiences with nice visuals.
Simplifying interfaces and experiences since 2013. For project enquiries c.janssenportfolio@gmail.com

Love from Holland!

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Giuseppe Stancarone says:

Your works are very nice, also I'd like to see entire web page design.

Giuseppe Stancarone says:

Nice icon set!!! Link?

Teddy says:

Were you working on surface pro or something ? Your interface of xd looks big !

sonico says:

Hi 🙂 I'm just starting to learn frontend web development and would like to know- is this the quality of webapp that would be expected in an entry-level portfolio (if the mockup was translated into html/css/js)? Or would this be expected from someone with more experience? Thanks!

Alex Spieslechner says:

why stop at the hero? that's the easy part.

jeson guillermo says:

Dude? What software did you used?

dang mang says:

nice design but u must consider taking this to html and css u are using some very diffcult things to work on css

Vlad Vovk says:

can you give for us material icon pack that you are use?

Chvrbxl A says:

What plugins are be used ?

Ayoub Belouadah says:

Trying to code this with html & css is fraustrating

014Chevy says:

Can you import photoshop files into xd?

Kelvin W. Kiger says:

Nice skills! Still, this is not a webdesign, but a mockup for a webdesign.

Joseph B says:

Very high quality work! Didn’t take a whole lot of convincing for a good ole’ subscribe… keep up the awesome work!

Сергей Быченко says:

where wcast these icons ?

Alex Gomes says:

Good work! Congratulations.

sunil Kumar says:

I m going to transform this design in website using html css how to send you complete file after i finish coding for review because i m in learning phase so that will be good practice for me and sorry for bad english

Quoccuong Leha says:

1000th subcriber lol

Jorge Cruces says:

I'm going to transform your beautiful design in a websites, bring me good luck

abgestaubt says:

Good work, can you link to your icons 0:58?
I would appreciate it.
Keep going!

blayke says:

Cool mock up/ design bro. Where do you usually get your ideas from? I do front end coding but have no talent whatsoever in designing. Sometimes I just straight blast into coding and from there have a hard time trying to mash up and clash what designs it is that I need to do. Sometimes I imitate finished design templates from other sources and from there re-customize it to my liking, but I have no talent in actually creating a design "on my own" from scratch 🙁

p.s: sorry 4 bad english

Zi Monstere says:

can xd projects be converted into html css js codes? like is there any software that can convert it to those?

Reza Setiabudi says:

From design like this, how to realize to a website ?

I'm learning html,css & js , but i never design the website in Photoshop/xd/something before.

Sorry my English is bad.

Still Battlefield says:

i have a question, after finish the design, you'll send this xd file straight to dev team without group the elements ? 😀

Rathernot Disclose says:

now develop it in the same timeframe XD

UI Design says:

Awesome ,keep going!

Aleksa Joksimovic says:

great video keep it up

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