Nicotine & Smoking Facts : What Is the Physiological Effect of Nicotine?

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The physiological effects of nicotine on the body cause the vascular system to shut down and close off blood flow and oxygen to various parts of the body. Learn how the heart has to work harder because of the effects of smoking cigarettes or ingesting nicotine with information from a master of hypnotism therapy in this free video on smoking cigarettes.


Stanzin Otsal says:

Yes right .. thanks what I feel right after a little bit of relaxation, fear.

Scott Richardson says:

So with that being said, are all foods drugs?

Lord VENUS says:

Yes. Nicotine fuck up your brain. I stop and feel better. My general anxiety gone. Who said its wrong or anything. i dunno but to me, i felt better when i stop from that habit. Cheers


I think this guy is high af saying chocolate is a drug

Maximilianmus Leader says:

What about nicotine in a vape

Clorox Bleach says:

Ok when you smoke cigarettes…
It’s the chemicals and displacement of oxygen that causes that.
He listed almost all methods of nicotine intake, then he bashed nicotine. The whole video he was referring to smoking, nicotine intake.
Not a bright guy.

Justin Remmell says:

"A master of hypnotism therapy…"

And that is when I stopped watching.

u54w says:

OMG. This guy is confused. Fear what?!? Oxygen what!?! Guess he thinks the nicotine is the smoke itself.

daniel griner says:

This guy has obviously never smoked a ciggy…

renan miguelote says:

this one is how i felt

Mandy Bear says:

Damn I'm such a druggie!!! I'm addicted to chocolate!

Adam Laney says:

This guy is text book. Your body adepts to the the nicotine, just how meds can stop working over time and increase dosage are need.

PointlessGaming Bores says:

Everyone seems to be bashing nicotine, where's the pro nicotine camp?

blackhoodsociety says:

thanx now im quitin coz this explains it y i smoke 20 day or more coz after a few min i jus want one nw it been 4days i feel like im breathin normal in my nostrils less use of tissues im hopin this will reduce how hot n to sweaty i always feel coz im startin to think its coz of cigarette why i feel hot so easy n sweat

Sujeet Kumar says:

I know what you mean, but I havent had a smoke in years. Went cold turkey using a few easy techniques. This will explain everything

fluor1te says:

But if its a stimulant, why does it make you relax?

Troy Stultz says:

I did the nicorettes gum for 5 weeks. It helped me, then I just stopped the gum. It was tough for the first 2 weeks when I stopped, but I got through it. I was tired of being a slave to cigarettes, if I didn't have a smoke first thing in the morning, and then 1 every hour, I got the shakes and got really uncomfortable. It's tough to quit smoking, it was hell for me, but I overcame my addiction and habit. Hopefully my comment helps someone that is trying to quit. God Bless.

Jorge Gonzales says:

@trietforlife thanks also for telling me things i already knew =I

trietforlife says:

@617jorge thanks mr obvious

Jorge Gonzales says:

Smoking kills

punanibuzzed says:

i love smoking but i had to quit cause it was too much money. thanks big govt

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