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Khloe Kardashian shares a cute video of Dream and Rob on Christmas morning. Don’t miss it!

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Rob Kardashian Makes Rare Christmas Party Appearance | E! News


Ann Ahmadi says:

we miss Rob he is fun x

Ann Ahmadi says:

we miss Rob he is fun x

Caroline Murray says:

What a load of rubbish no need for nothing.

Elaiine Enlow says:

You look marvelous Rob.your little Dream is a precious doll.

iPhone 10 says:

Khloe is a wounded woman that’s all it is

Sharene Robertson says:

E news has lost its sparkle, they actually call this a segment.
An were was Rob exactly people.

MI.X.KO says:

They’re baby grow up so fast

Latisha says:

Thanks for the update ENews! Rob looked happy and healthy!!!! I don’t know who is worse right now with news reporting. You or Wendell Williams!!!!!!

GiVer says:

He is too fat to fit into the frame, that's why his sister Sasquatch could not fit him into the entire video.

SheilaT Mac-Abee says:

A King!!! Grl God is the king!

SheilaT Mac-Abee says:

Who the F cares, really!!!!

D D says:

Are you sure it’s been only 2 years? That boy stay hiding.

Just C says:

Dream is so pretty ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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