Inside Rob Kardashian's 'Happy and Healthier' New Lifestyle (Exclusive)

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A source tells ET, Rob Kardashian doesn’t leave his gated community much, but is happy in his role as a father and sees his family all the time.


Rose Marie says:

I promise y'all I would marry him and treat him good

Susan Marie says:

So weird that the paparazzi can’t get a pic of Rob!!! Maybe he doesn’t exist

coco m says:

rob has self esteem issues and i m sure its casue hes not winning like the rest

Loveless 78 says:

Robs the only one K truelly care about. He cool. All his sisters are so watered down they have turned just. Wish they just go away already. Now they keep relevance by banging rappers and athletes.

TheMr3742 says:

Rob i am here for you baby.

Michael Dust says:

Wot does he even do for a job

Cheri Weber says:

Good for Rob that's great!

Jenny Boo says:

Dream is cute and Rob is a decent person too bad he got that hoodrat crazy bih China as a BM smh she a hot mess

Danger Mauz says:

That's whaddup!

PeppersGrand says:

Good going Rob. You are the only one down to earth. Keep your private….private.

Van Avi says:

He's soo handsome. Im rooting for him.

Highzler Almir says:

I hope everything works out for Rob and he finds a girl that truly loves him for him. And his sisters don't interfere when he does find someone bc come on it's obvious his sisters dont want no other female to have the last name Kardashian.

Monica Facey says:

This boy had low self-esteem on he he's lazy and that is what holding him back from explorer is life

Cynthia Luna says:

Rob is my favorite Kardashian … love you Rob chat with me LOL

Dae richardson says:

say what y’all want chyna wanted him to be healthy he’s a mamas boy who disrespects women . i hope he finds happiness

Ediana Ventrice says:

He is so handsome

Jacqueline Perry says:

Can’t have a normal life with chyna man he right she is unfit to be a mother after what I saw online the behavior wasn’t good for a mom.

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