The Realities of China's Economic Slowdown

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Mar.11 — In “Single Best Chart,” Nicholas Lardy, senior fellow at Peterson Institute, and Carl Weinberg, chief economist at High Frequency Economics, examine China’s economic growth. They speak on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”


Pat Zorro says:

Who knows and who cares. GDP itself may have different definitions. All you need to know is if everyone is better off. From that aspect looking back last 10-40 years, Chinese are just getting so much better off, from hardly any normal citizen enjoying overseas travels and 100s “asylum seekers” fleeing the country to 130 million a year and with no exception all returning home happily. While I travel to India 5-10 times a year, hardly see anything changed for last 10-20 years. And my town in Australia has also changed nothing. What does GDP do to ordinary people if people are not better off.

Utkarsh Anand says:

China reports fake economic data. It’s not that hard for them to do it.

John Lee says:

Guests need to learn China more.

Peter K says:

The problem is the reported Chinese growth is fictional.

Mac says:

If the US at present is the 'capitalism' referred to by Weinberg as being desirable, then China should stay the hell away. Not that their economic model is equitable, but I don't think anyone is in a position to grandstand about others' economies at the moment, the global markets are in a seriously precarious position.

Paul Sommerhalder says:

A question about day-to-day "red phone" command economy interventions directed at men who have never lived in China. Come on now, dig deeper please, guests who are polished and well-spoken, who spit-ball "answers" to your questions is just no-good.

CTO Information says:

China is getting quality growth, unlike a "data" growth like some other countries claimed.

Kamlend Singh says:


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