Disaster : Russia and China are Crushing the U.S. Military in War South China Sea

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Disaster : Russia and China are Crushing the U.S. Military in War South China Sea

The U.S. military keeps getting its butt kicked in war games, one analyst told Breaking Defense reporter Sydney Freedberg, Jr.

It would cost $24 billion a year to fix the worst problems, the same analyst said.

“In our games, when we fight Russia and China, blue gets its ass handed to it,” David Ochmanek, an analyst for the California think tank RAND, said as part of a March 7, 2019 panel discussion at the Washington, D.C.-based Center for a New American Security.

“It turns out U.S. superweapons have a little too much Achilles in their heels,” Freedberg quipped.

Source; https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/defense-disaster-russia-and-china-are-crushing-us-military-war-games-46677


Russ Burton says:

Some of this is true and not I have heard this argument before especially concerning Aircraft carriers, but that being said adding more defense capabilities should be always the goal I will agree we have bean counters rather than war fighters making some of the purchasing decisions

Rolando Rodriguez says:

If russia an china go to war with the u.s they are messing with 29 countries.

Garry H says:

Lol Butt hurt !! Truth hurts !!
Knew this anyway lol..anyway your military is spread too far wide throughout the world..Supply lines and repairs..services would be thin ! If not it would be non existant…found that to be true in the Gulf War…

Brian Olson says:

The Pentagon is great at starting wars but they are clueless how to win them. 17 years in Afghanistan and the Taliban controls more territory now than the start of our invasion. If the US can't defeat the Taliban how can it expect to win a war against a superpower like China and Russia?

Pasha Pasovski says:

This is a Ukronazi site that is trying to inspire hatred among great nations, just to save their shithole from being Nazi free! I am a US citizen who loves his country, I am off Slavic descent and love Russian culture!
It's not the people who are starting shit and hatred, it's the rich assholes who get even richer and never send their children to war, only others, poor people who are being brainwashed by media! It's the same thing everywhere! Don't believe these pathetic instigators!

Johnson Johnson says:

shutt you fuck up fake news listen dist peace of shit USA army is the best fuck Russia fuck China none can't beat USA USA USA USA USA USA I love my USA

Charles Durham says:

Usa would eat China and Russia at the same time get real.

Tom Winchel says:

And then you woke up.

Ken Windrum says:

Drop Nuclear on these scumbags

Robert Johston says:

U.S. is. Being set up !! l. Are Ships have no missles or missle defense. Systems !! Both carriers fully loaded brand new planes. That carry small amounts of fire power.. Fleet of brand new. B 52 boobers.. Sitting. Next to there Navy fleet….There. Air Force base. @ long range missle base.. No Staff left in the Whitehouse … Nobody really in charge no plan.. Those. Ships are loaded down with. Kids.. This is nothing but a huge set up. !!

Jont Presto says:

The US is the world's biggest criminal. You live the whole history only at the expense of other countries and lead wars all over. We are from Slovakia in Europe and wish you to destroy Russia as soon as possible. They'll burn you up with your rockets. The US will be destroyed, but Russia is so large that part of it will remain after the apocalypse. Pigs USA.

Motion urquizo says:

All this BS put a boycott and all China's products from coming into the u.s. cut him off where it hurts

Mark Joriza says:

DREAMIN, JUST KEEP on DREAMIN…remember solar warden isn't a fiction.

Tony Xiong says:

China and russia are world enemies, wipe them off from the map foever.

2coryman says:

the USA needs to have a bubble of electromagnetic frequencies that detonate the enemy's missiles when they enter our airspace

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