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Time to open a new chapter in my day trading career! I am now day trading futures contracts and will be posting up a video almost everyday that I trade. Good trades and bad trades. So you can all learn from what works for me and what doesn’t!

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Leon Mauricio says:

Wow you don’t know anything, but you still guessed right, good for you

L P says:

Storch sends you his warmest thanks.

Eddi says:

The edge is in coding your own idea using math (Statistics), back test it and automate. Charts, market profile, technical analysis is all bullshit.

DJ Editor says:

Is there any requirements to trade futures in td ameritrade

Alpha Futures Trading says:

Let there be light..

Billy Johnson says:

Beginners luck. You will lose your ass.


bro i want to start trading so so so bad …pls help me out.

Andrew Chad says:

Where do you find the market profile chart?

Christian Kusinski says:

Someone explain to me how he made $560 off of 9 share positions when it only moved from $56 to $57????

mrjoefly1 says:

Why aren't you trading options?

ahmet can karcı says:

buddy behind table awesome . Is it led .where did you get

colin Miley says:

8:50 y"ou think the market would break lower " text book inducing shorts in pre market 3 spikes to the LOD possibly taking the LOD of previous day out 100% liquidity sitting below your "zone" and you sell it sorry but WTF ??? Ok you were able to buy it again $560 not a bad couple of hours work. Why in God's name do people preach "the trend is you friend" no it's fucking not the trend is the MMs friend cause they know exactly what "retail" will be doing.

Siddhu Gaddi says:

Hai … Why u went to direct trade in April… Still u have March month to expiry right…???

Ro Gas says:

You could detail the entry level, how the futures actually work

Shakthi T says:

Hai bro. Congrats. I'm sakthi from India. I'm Indian stock market trader. Just beginner. Next plan to trader in currency. You are my insperation also. I'll follow all your videos.

M. saif says:

How many screens do you usually use in intraday make video on your awesome setup

kiko loko says:

Sick, ive been trading CL as well. You should trade live on your channel ! Not many future traders doing it

RedSauce says:

Doesnt march futures end on the 15th?

Matthew Sillaman says:

Is the Vol Profile free? Where can e access or create? Enjoying your videos. Thanks.

Justin D'shaw says:

Patrick Wieland much?

Momin Nz says:

For $500 to make a day, how much have you invested?

Kyoung Won Oe says:

What program do you use for market profile?

Jose Garcia says:

my friend ,you dont need the zone,,,use the vwap

Christopher Garcia says:

Futures market is the best one! I trade CL and NQ, see you on the market!

Yadvinder Singh says:

Sir I want start trading but I am beginner so can you tell me how to start

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