how to make a Robot spider – very easy [newcd]

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Hello friends! Today we have a look at how to make a robot spider – very easy, it is a robot with six legs and it can move very well, great thing is that we can make it easy ai can also create it.
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gowtham subbu says:

My card board not stick by glue gun what cardboard can I use

Pixelgaming 213 says:

hey great video, but i have question what is the two pieces on the bottom called and where can i get those?

vitinho souza says:

muito bom eu fiz para trabalho

Vijay Tawade says:

Very nice idea!

Flaming Pikachu says:

How is that a spider if it has three legs

Ceh Neh Deh says:

Sorry but that’s not a spider

rajadheesh rajadheesh says:

Super Robert

TECH AD says:

But spider has 8 legs?You have made 6 legs????????

muhammad akhram says:

Hi, can i ask u or anyone , the wire that is used, which type of wire is used? Is it live or neutral or earth wire?

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