Healthy Food Advice : What are Complete Protein Foods?

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Complete protein foods contain all of the essential amino acids the body needs. Discover the benefits of complete protein foods in this free video by a licensed dietitian.

Expert: Charlotte Lawson
Bio: Charlotte Lawson, a licensed and registered dietitian and nutritionist, works with the Florida Department of Health’s nutrition division as a senior public health nutritionist.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

Series Description: Choosing healthy foods can be confusing without the proper advice. Create a healthy diet with the help of a professional dietitian in this free video series.


Science Free Energy says:

nice complete food which is contain proper amount of nutrients for more healthy food see

TeamFitBoss says:

the egg is 98% protein huh…

A Coffee Time says:

Turmeric is undoubtedly the hottest trend in superfoods right now, and with over 600 reported benefits of the common spice, it is no wonder.

Usern Last says:

"Dietician". More like fake-doctor; am I right? I really don't think that she even knows what "cheese" is. Define cheese. In modern day terms. I would not be surprised to find that Kraft uses plastic in those American slices. This is a key sign in spotting out these pseudo-doctors who are clever enough to fake it but dumb enough to fail in understanding the relevant information. If they don't talk badly about the modern food industry, then best believe that they are "glamour doctors" who use pseudo-medical nomenclature ( "complete protein foods" wtf is that?) but who don't understand the fact that 1) nutrients need to be present 2) nutrients need to be decomposable (not just piss-in the making like most vitamins), and 3) the body needs to be able to decompose or synthesize the necessary precursors and nutrients. Without mentioning just what a difference organic can make.And by the way, "organic" just means regula-old, standard-ass food. I mean, literally just pulled out of the ground cabbages, carrots, etc. Nothing fancy. Which SHOULD give some insight into just how fucked up the industry is when it comes to food. The fact that "NORMAL" food aka "organic" can fetch 3, 5 or even 10 times the price of "pseudo-normal" food is just a sign of how far the standards shifted. And it's no wonder that people waddle about the streets with 40, 50 or even 80+ fat on their bellies when inorganic materials are accumulating within them and not only adding mass but also impairing normal function.

Any self-respecting "dietician" would have some harsh words for both the significantly common fatties who eat like Corporations actually give a shit which they don't and for the marketplace which plagues humans with what is oh so obviously not healthy food.

Real cheese is just milk. Nothing but milk really. She just said cheese because of a variety of words makes it sound like she has a variety of knowledge. There is absolutely no benefit whatsoever in eating cheese instead of milk. And in fact, I am sure that the most commonly bought cheeses contain material that is in fact digestible but not entirely absorbable.


So an egg, which is about 40 percent yolk and 60 percent egg-white some how managed to be 95% of "the same thing" and 5 percent of something else. Man, this bitch is dumb and no wonder she looks fat while working as a dietician. I swear, these nurses are getting fatter and fatter by the year. I've got nothing against fatties- nothing at all- but you can't give me gravy and tell me it's jelly. Because gravy ain't sweet. And these big bitches really misrepresent the field of medicine or rather personify what is so wrong with the world Irony and Hypocrisy.And a fair dose of stupidity.

Florenah Masiwa says:

Drinking a glass of beetroot juice before exercise can give you a younger brain, surmises a team of researchers in a new study. The team says that older adults who drink this purple tonic before engaging in moderate exercise

Hadi Zadeh says:

Egg is the most complete single food you can consume.

golden eye says:

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joseph peter says:

Do you guys know that our body need more than regular foods and veggies? how much purple foods do your body gets on a daily basis? here's a video that explain everything u need to know about purple foods

Vadym Aliyev says:

Go to Woo&Pep diet website page and learn how to do the diet.

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