Future Robotics Technology 2020 (Artificial Intelligence) – The Robot Next Door !!!

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Introducing future robotics technology 2020 artificial intelligence, future of robotics technology year 2020 sees robotics gain momentum and become vital components in a number of applications. The robotics industry creates 3 million additional jobs between 2014 and 2020, led by consumer electronics and the electric vehicle industry. By 2020, robotics is a $100 billion industry, equivalent in size to the worldwide medical tourism industry in 2012. The rehabilitation robot market grows 40-fold between 2014 and 2020, fueled by advancements in rehab/therapy robots, active prostheses, exoskeletons, and wearable robotics. Between 2017 and 2020, the use of robotics generates 2 million additional job positions. The Next Door Robots Images created by Niko Photographisme. #FutureRobots, #FutureRoboticsTechnology #Technology2020 #Robots

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Sanju Kumar Jd says:

Robot technology India

Татьяна Мануковская says:

Rather boring video! Nothing new… But creates a strangely unpleasant feeling… Tatiana (Ки Чанс, pseudo literary name)

Danielle Robeque says:

it' tatoo ? or a robot ?

Silu Thomas says:

Fake robot's
All r human being acts like a robots ?

michel riviere says:

PhotoShop de merde

Jess Cordero says:

Creepy as hell….please tell me these pics are photo shopped?

Caesar Yana says:

Why are sexy

tommy sport says:

Are they like normal women,,,,,or do they have a brain,

Grant Collingwood says:

All photo shopped. But with future robotic technology we may be able to help someone who was born missing a limb. Or help someone who lost a limb in a accident. Wouldnt be great if technology got that good.

Foggy's Friend says:

Light on content and frankly a waste of time video.

big dog says:

rubbish,all photoshopped photos of real people with mechanical innards..clickbait

D Money So cool says:

Is this real

Doc Vega says:

Photo shopped bullshit a waste of time!

Henk Smit says:

Nice done , special effects?

RWBHere says:

PLEASE BE AWARE: This is only a slideshow, which begins at 0:39 and ends at 2:49. Each picture is an artist's concept only, none of them are real robots.

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