App Script Editor Tutorial – Google Sheets – Excel VBA Equivalent – Read & Write to Ranges & Cells

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Video tutorial series about Apps Script (JavaScript) in Google Sheets (Excel VBA Equivalent).

In this tutorial we’ll cover how to work with script editor, main spreadsheet app structure, how to write to a cell or a range & how to read information from a cell using Google Sheets Scripts.

Google Sheets



Afaan Naqvi says:

Thanks good sir!

azam iqbal says:

how to show google sheet data into webiste

sergio pineda says:

abra algún ecuatorial en español?

Mike Ro says:

Thank you so MUCH! was great!

Zeba Naqvi says:

Excellent.. playing at 1.25x speed works well

Alexander Langhans says:

I needed this so much. Thank you for doing this.

MY Mulla says:

Very easy to follow, step by step instructions. THX

Kathik Jeyabalen says:

hi all, when i 've been encountering an error which says "missing; before statement (line 3, file "Code")". What am i supposed to do with this?

Royowski Bodingskayawosk says:

Hi thanks for this serious stuff ! great !!!

Terry Manning says:

Excellent tutorials

Shazeem Ali Chishty says:

Love the way you teach keep it up

Вася Пупкин says:

Nice explaining man, thx u

Andre Luis Marretto says:

Hello, loved this video, I´m from Brazil, excellent explanation way! Can I ask you a question, I know this video is from 2017, but if you could answer or send a contact. Its about getValue() method, when I use "fullTable = spreadsheet.getRange('A1:Z26').getValues()" method, I work with indexed data call, like "tempTest = fullTable[1][0].valueOf()", this way how can I possible to write values on a specific place of 'fullTable' and after use "spreadsheet.getRange('A1:Z26').setValues()" to write them all?

Santosh Kumar says:

Rename all your videos with serial no.s .

Yun Kit Samuel CHAN says:

Cannot find method getRange(number,number).
How can I have this function?

Bauke Jan Douma says:

The problem with this video is that it's trying to teach at least four things at once: the general structure of spreadsheets, the way the apps script editor (i.e. the IDE) works, how you can program with Google apps, and the different ways you can addres a range of cells in Excel — "excuse me" — Google Sheets.
This combo makes for a very tedious presentation, that just doesn't want to move along aready.

Aquilas Lim says:

Can anyone explain to me how to get the app verified? I do not see what this gentlemen sees in the video. It is asking me to submit a submit request but I am not a developer, just a student in college trying to learn more.

Dinesh Kumar says:

Hi Nice videos its really very helpful for me… Can you put a video how to write a script to pull the records and copy it to the spreadsheet from bigquery?

yen cheng says:

question. why the intelisense help sometimes does not work ?

Mohamed Mubarak says:

Hi! Can you do countdown clock?

Guilherme Lopes says:

thanks a lot!

Kammalan Wemyes says:

Why there is no saveAndClose () for sheets in app script. My sheets get modified in app script and when emailed automatically in app script , it sends the unmodified email. Help

Ben Corbett says:

When I try and run the script on "Sheet 2 " it keeps running the data into "Sheet 1" despite "Sheet 2" being the active sheet. My script matches yours exactly but I cant seem to get this to work. any suggestions?

P.s Thank you for the helpful content.

Alexandre Carvalho says:

Excellent video. However, when I try to write something like "getRange", I don't have the documentation / suggestion that appears like in the video. Anyone knows how can I make it appear ?

Daniel Bradley says:

Serious stuff………

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