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Which Tomodachi Prize was Devon’s Favourite?
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:3 Alia :3 says:

Yay! New video!

Beth Bowden says:

It said I got the answer correct but I got zero points

Tofu cute Fan girl says:

Omg I love you Devon I am in the tomadachi club

Chris Moore says:

I'll get a card next time i see you at a convention!

KernowShinigamiViper Lil'Dragon says:

Just a note it currently says no video matches the code.

KernowShinigamiViper Lil'Dragon says:

Did I hear free cute stuff. As I'm already a member I forgot thats how the card worked. READ BLOGS PEOPLE ITS FREE POINTS. Currently got page on the laptop on my lap to try find the answer to the question

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