America's Most Advanced Medical Science Vs Sadhguru's Inner Engineering

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#InnerEngineering #ChrisRado #YogaVsWesternMedicalScience
2 minute video. Share the magic of Inner Engineering!

This video was recorded in 2018.


UnderCover Facts says:

So impressive work.
I have subscribed your channel.
Hope u subscribe mine for amazing videos

Karthik Karthik says:

Sadhguru is a natural devine healer.

Siddharth Bhavsar says:

yes you can learn mystical practices and quick fix problems, but how do these practices come to be?
who designs them? how do we figure out this inner engineering ourselves?
Every generation, one Indian becomes popular in the West…seems like this generation it is Vasudevji, there have been several others before Vasudev that taught basically the same stuff but adapted to that generations needs and served in their own style. If it goes on like this – just giving away quick fixes and core knowledge without having to go through the dirty art of discovering these practices themselves – it will only make every generation depended on a master. I think we need to be the master ourself. We should learn how to be Sadguru ourself.

Rahul Satyawali says:

Hi everyone

deep Singh says:

What is that mudra he's sitting into & how to do it??


Sadly not much indians realize importance of meditation and sprituality.

raghukummar m7 says:

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