What does a marine biologist actually do?

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In this video I tackle the seemingly obvious question of what a marine biologist does, but it’s surprisingly complicated to answer. I interview five other marine biologists as well as give my own take on the job description of a marine biologist, what some of our tasks include, who we might work for, etc. Give it a watch if you have any questions about what the work of a marine biologist entails.

Child answering what they want to be when they grow up – Holy Child Academy (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClF_oTgovNoQlW13XoQrcoA)

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I am Chantel Elston, a first year marine biology PhD student. Join me on my journey as I discover our wonderful oceans and try to survive PhD life.

twitter: @chantel3474
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Amber Taylorxoxo13 says:

Do u have to sometimes hurt or kill the animals to inspect them? Coz I love animals so much and don't think I could do that.

Franklin Damico says:

Marine biology sounds good but I'm scared of water. What do I do?

Flaming H561 says:

Great video really, helped on my report!

alexander frye says:

could you do both field work and do lab work

Eka Rizkia says:

if i become a marine biologist, can i do some research in mariana trench? bc i heard that scientists say that we've only discovered 95% of the ocean and mariana trench is the deepest part of the ocean, which means there are many possibilities such as undiscovered fishes or sea monsters. i'd appreciate if you answer my question, thank you very much!

Emma Louise says:

Thanks for this video, it really helped me!

Sarahj Apostol says:

hi Telly i studied general biology however i stop because not really sure what to pursue. I'm about to continue my course this year and decided to pursue marine biology. ibhave passionnin conservation here in the philippines. you said in one of your comments that we'll find what's suitable for us along the way. after finishing my degree in general biology. but what should i start? learn scuba diving? volunteer?

Fuz Gaming says:

I want to become a aquacultural manager

PeaceLoveDolls16 says:

So would it be possible for me to have a job where I went out in the field and collected samples and then went back to the lab and analyzed it (like genetic/microbiological data) and then maybe write one or two papers on it before moving onto the next thing? I want to work in marine biology and do the analysis of the data, and I do enjoy writing, so one or two papers would be fine, but I don't want to spend months writing papers and peer reviews. I can be impatient, and i think I'd rather get right back into the ocean after my last discovery to find something new. Would that be possible in marine biology, or would I have to spend months with papers and stuff? Thanks!


yes, whats an ideal job to be able to work in the field also hands on?

Stephen Gomez says:

seems cool, the ocean is the last frontier on earth

Leo Armitage says:

I want to become a marine biologist do you know the core subjects that I have to get good grades in I’m good at science which would be a main subject but what else would there be

Riley says:

What does a Marine biologist do? Just ask Arin Hanson…..Hoorah

LiVe Life Lol says:

Your beautiful

Maeve Leonard says:

I really want to work on the field

susan saeedi says:

I really enjoyed this video. At first, I was unsure of what EXACTLY a marine biologist does but as soon as I saw this, I felt very informed on the different roles, especially after hearing what other marine biologists have to say about job. I thank you very much as it has made my decision of what I want to in my life more clearer. I think more people should make videos like these if they are thinking of giving people an insight into a certain profession.

daniel cayton says:

Do you have any advice for studying cetology ? Or do you know any cetologist ?

Jonas Røn says:

Hey I'm thinking about educating to a marine biologist but can you try some courses or something where you see by yourself how it is to be a marine biologist?

Sunny Davidson says:

which university did you go to?

FirexPlayz says:

Is there a marine job where you dive in the ocean like every time to explore the ocean and collect samples?

Jolene Carbery says:

hey, i think you're awesome and i wish they told us about marine biology as a career choice at school. i'll keep following your journey.
lots of love from the UK

Thomas Sterk says:

Hey telly. I'm a commercial diver at the moment, and I'm thinking about switching to a more scientific aspect of diving such as Marine biology. You say at the beginning of the video that there are people that just dive to collect samples and and others that do the lab work. Is there a balance of the two? I wouldn't mind doing the lab work, but some of the people you interviewed make it seem that a huge bulk of marine biology is lab work.

Love the channel by the way, it's good to see this kind of content to help clear things up for potential careers

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