Efforts made to hide Trump's school records, Washington Post editor says

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CNN’s Anderson Cooper talks to Washington Post Senior Editor Marc Fisher on the paper’s new reporting that there were efforts made to hide President Trump’s grades from his time at the New York Military Academy. #CNN #News


Kool Kat says:

Anybody that thinks Trump is brilliant or smart or intelligent in any way or form is a f**** retard

Carbomb Torres says:

I love Trump …the NBA sucks …NFL is boring and until MLB comes back this idiot keeps me entertained day after day …

ImR0nBrgndy says:

Trump always attacks others for some thing he himself is guilty of. It’s transparent. He preemptive attacks others with whatever it is he is most insecure about. As a NY’er we’ve seen him do this for over 30 years.

I bet anything that he had a nickname that he was teased about so he does it to everyone else.

Anime Faction says:

These guys are trying too hard, and they just keep coming up with junk…

Michael Skaggs says:

Anyone else notice Cooper's ear phone changes sides at 0:54 and 0:58?

ImR0nBrgndy says:

His own professor said he was the dumbest person he ever had to teach. And there are also records that he didn’t make it into Wharton Business because of his grades. His father gave a large sum of $ to Wharton before trump was admitted.

Amy Vintage says:

The thing is now you don't need them to prove he lied about them. If they were good… He wouldn't have tried to burry them.

drop d says:

"Washington Post editor says" CNN and it's believers are damn fools.

Jamal Winters says:

I'm convinced the motherfucker is a fucking Russian American spy.

Bradley Jenkins says:

Get a life you pathetic liberals. You discredited Michael Cohen when he worked for trump. Now you believe a convicted liar. Hypocrites

Walagold says:

Hypocrisy stupidity jealousy. Envy all of the above trump has for Obama. That is also the motivation for the “I have bigger hands!!! BS”. So Obama has bigger hands then trump

d d says:

pleas do vido bout Trump. thank

kevin mack says:

For a Man who constantly claims he is a genius, it doesn't surprise me he would want to hide the fact that he was a " below average intelligence" student. His fourth grade Vocabulary is an obvious tell about his true intellect.

Bo Jangles says:

This is some Big Brother shit right here, Anderson Cooper the leader will make sure no American is able to hear a word about Trump without him twisting and mal-forming it to suit the hate agenda that the mainstream media has been running since 2016.

How can a human being watch this and not feel like their being treated like an absolute, goddamn idiot?

Rolledbeef says:

Cooper covers petty topics like a jealous school girl. Cooper, can you explain why the previous Presidents records are sealed? Why are they secret?

ZX Prophet says:

If anyone wants to see trumps school crap then I suggest you all be transparent and show yours first. This is news?

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