Vlog: Starting A Online Business, Shipping Orders, Inventory & More!

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Hey guys! We launched our cosmetic line today! I’m showing you the behind the scenes of our business and I’m very excited because our custom lash boxes recently came in! Make sure to check out the website and pick up your favorite lash!

Nirvana Beauty: https://www.shopnirvanabeauty.com
Nirvana Beauty Email: info@shopnirvanabeauty.com
Nirvana Beauty IG: https://www.instagram.com/nirvanabeauty_/


We are a young couple who loves each other and enjoys creating videos to make memories of our daily lives. We initially knew of each other from high school but Jeff didn’t approach Tanieya until years later. We have been happy and in love ever since!


Email: jeff.tanieya@gmail.com


Deja Guice says:

Where did you find your lash boxes or how did you custom them ?

Nicole P.SCORPIO says:

Congratulations on being a entrepreneur gave me motivation and guidance

Nicole P.SCORPIO says:

I just signed up for your email

Charleta Mckee says:

Where did you get your label made?

LaChica Wilson says:

How did you launch your website? Need some ideas

Mimi Barilla says:

How much do you pay for import duty or import fees?

Stephanie Andrade says:

What size bubble mailers do you order?

MyLasia ReNee says:

I follow your ig page and i have my own hair business named Klassi Extensions❤️❤️

Cassandra Ibarra says:

How did you get the stickers with the Lashes name done

Jackie Calderon says:

I haven’t tried your lashes but they look good.

Beautyqueen Dennis says:

Congratulations on your launch! I’m a new subbie! What size are your boxes? They are really cute!

Karen Ware says:

Hi I'm new to your channel and I have a question to ask. How do you track the shipment to make sure your customer got their package.

Nesia Love says:

Where can I find some labels for my packing??

23 BV says:

Hi!!! I started my own homemade cosmetic line! I really want to establish a website but have been having trouble researching if I need a license to sell homemade makeup in New York! Do you have any advice or have had the same experience?

Touch of Beauty Hair Extensions, LLC says:

Congratulations! Hope your Launch was successful

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