Lung Cancer Staging Non-small Cell

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If you like this animation, LIKE us on Facebook: This 3D medical animation begins with a detailed description of the staging or progression of the lung cancer. It describes the occult stage where cancer cells are in the body fluid but no tumor can be seen in the lungs. Stage 0 occurs when cancer cells are found in the airway lining. It goes to demonstrate Stage IA, IB, IIA, IIB which are considered invasive and the cancer cells have invaded the airway lining.



John G says:

I'm done smoking everything wow this is so informative

Loretta Mason says:

i had a biopsy and the doc put a hole or cut in my lung has this happen to anyone else? caused my lung to collapse
and sent me home

Health & Wealth S.Bhardwaj says:

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Tammy Lynn says:

My husband was diagnosed stage 4 NSCC, died 9 weeks later.
Cancer has no mercy

Umut Günal says:

Is it possible to beat non-small cell lung cancer on stage IA?

Jack Salvatierra says:

hi there, can somebody explains to me what are Lymph nodes?? please.

Mr 300milesofswellness says:

My grandfather died on Thursday of this horrible disease. He had metastatic non-small cell carcinoma. When he was diagnosed, it had just spread to his liver. After three months, we lost him. Cancer can be so sneaky and it needs to be defeated once and for all

Bill Stose says:

Very good video, I have stage 4 NSCLC that had metastasized to my lower right lobe of my brain. I was an early candidate 66 years old, for my symptoms, I shopped between 3 hospital systems and I picked the best place closest to home. If you can find a hospital close that has a team effort and deals with your kind of cancer all the time that is the best. My team met with me day one, one at a time and told me what their plan would be. One important factor too my wife of 37 years, prior caregiver and my best friend was there every step of the way! So my plan went this way 3 proton treatments, chemotherapy 4 rounds and lastly after the tumor in my brain was blasted away, the chemo, two chemo drugs one day per month for 4 months and finally surgery to remove the 5cm sized tumor in my right upper lobe, also part of my middle lobe and bronchus along with several lymph nodes around my right lung. So far I am at my first year from diagnosis. I left a lot of little things that I had to do just to search for the right facility. The chemo and surgery were my biggest concern of course kicking cancers ass was at the top. The chemo was very well tolerated each and every time, since I had a great nurse, and she explained everything to me before she did anything. She answered every question I and my wife had without hesitation. Every person on my team was exactly the same, no hesitation and if there was a question about my treatment we were given an answer without hesitation. So my team was a radiation oncologist just for the proton treatment, a cancer oncologist, a nurse for the chemo therapy. With a secondary nurse n case she was out or sick. A thoracic surgeon just for my surgery and at the end post surgery my regular oncologist added a brain oncologist to regulate my medications post proton treatment. My stay in the hospital was the best treatment that I could receive. I had no pain at any time during my 7 days in the hospital!!! I feel so fortunate in many ways, early detections great Drs, nurse, radiology technicians and cna's. I want to give the best picture I can. My life changed in Oct of 2015, what people say when you get this diagnosis, it was life changing because I was not sure where I was headed and what would happen. If you deal with a cancer center of any size, that is support in it self. Family and friends are great too, the more the better. So at the beginning we went monthly to see the different Drs. Post surgery, we went once a month then eventually every 3-4 months. We are at the 4 month visit still. Each visit I have an MRI and spiral cat scan along with blood work every time. I only had two pet scans two at the beginning, prior to treatment. God bless anyone with this diagnosis or assisting someone with this diagnosis. The nursing staff will tell you don't believe everything you read online it may not work or apply to you good or bad. Cancer acts differently with every patient.

Les Subrick says:

I had stage 1b and had surgery and chemo and now they found another smaller nodule so I have to get another CT.

Betty Morgan says:

I have stage four adenocarcinom

linda here says:

i know what your say my husband has stage 3b. i say only god know wheni am waiting this is so hard to take you know your love one is going to die but i try to keep strong its so hard i have been married for 49yrs my one man in my life and to see them die that the killer my husband has nsclc so may be he has i bit longer to live,

Les Subrick says:

my tumor is 5.2 cm in diameter

Gazi Babu says:

i lost my father lunch cancer matastatic cancinomia smallcell tumer.i could not forget it

Just sayin says:

My dad's just been diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer after stopping smoking for 10 years. He has 3-4 months left. Cancer is so unforgiving :'(

ogrebattle22763 says:

Sad & interesting… My Dad had smoked earlier in his life but quit soon after my Mom had me… He was 28 when he stopped smoking… He died at 66 from lung cancer… Yes you don't have to be a smoker to get lung cancer but the risks are much higher if you do smoke…

ogrebattle22763 says:

I quit smoking 10 years ago this past January & I would recommend that anyone who smokes do the same…

Useless1 says:

Stage 4 your fucked. Stage 3 your fucked. Stage 2 find a mortician, plan your death. Stage 1 pray.

waleed130 says:

@darksideofthenation now that just sucks:(….people taking precations and still getting the damm disease

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