Cancer- They’re Playing Dirty!! March 2019 Love Reading

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Sherry Stevens says:

Besides the fact that your readings always are informative and very nicely read. I must say how much i appreciate you opening with welcome cancer's, when readers begin with welcome cancerians, instantly drives me in a negative direction. So, THANK YOU! 99% of readers do it and it's so annoying, lol.

K Cooper says:

Not my karma…i've been good to all people! He is manipulative…and all u said true except the betrayal. I don't bring my friends/relative around my men.

Kaylee Gonzalez says:

Perfect. Holy crap.


Cross watching…oh well he pick this woman over me & I for sure seeing her doing this…crazy part is she dose spiritual work… interesting

Melanin Princess says:

I have been seeing EVERY single number you called out!!!

Dominika Rutkowska says:

It was The best reading i heard. Everything on point. That was me and one of The co-worker

Sharlene Davis says:

Wow you are so gifted right on point!!!!

Jea Gonzales says:

Yeah his older all is true

Jea Gonzales says:

On point thanks

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