So You Want To Be A Mobile App Developer

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Lori Lalonde
Are you thinking about developing apps for mobile devices? Are you wondering what you need to know to hit the ground running aside from just the development aspect? In this session, I will talk about the non-technical side of becoming an independent app developer and things to keep in mind as you start on this journey, including costs, source code management, analytics, app updates, end user support, app marketing, monetization, and the importance of privacy policies.


Tony Liu says:

The details are so satisfying and awesome !! =)

Anyway, i was hoping if i could get some feedback on this open source android app I have posted below? I am a beginner and hope to learn on how to improve it…

http ://bit. ly/2TGCU1T

greatly appreciate !

namir abdulkadir says:

I need to build an Android VPN app in order to sell VPN to customers
Skype: namiradnan

Omar Oo says:

I wanna go that path

prAcid says:

Im currently working on a "selling" App. And on my opinion as a "developer" this video lacks of the point security. I needed to write my whole code new to secure Basic things and ship importent code from Client to Server based. Because actually "reverse engineering" is a thing that could kill you pretty fast… so Yeah security is much muuuuuch more important than the other things. At least in my opinion

Ps: get rdy to learn atleast 2 programing languages if Not more just for security matter and for design Yeah simple is the best not many effects or shit just be simple and catchy. Photoshop,figma/Sketch, after effects and so on for design assets and intro creation

Vizzy Oso says:

A solid video on app dev for mobile

Trent Bowser says:

6 comments in all theese years ? xD

Ivan Richard says:

I can't believe she a canadian

Courtney Downs says:

This is incredible. Thank you soooo much. I love this.

Shakita Minassian says:

Awesome to see a woman providing such unique type of insights.

Yowt Hubert says:

Nice and comprehensive video ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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