School Supplies for Interior Design Students

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In today’s video, I’m sharing 10 MUST HAVE school supplies items for any interior design student.


1. Drafting Brush
2. Graphite Pencils & Eraser
3. Blue Scotch Tape/Drafting Dots
4. Architectural Scale
5. Triangles (45/90 & 30/60/90)
6. Tracing Paper (Trash Paper)
7. Vellum Paper
8. Markers & Color Pencils
9. Exacto Knife
10. Foam Board

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Katrina says:

Hi im about to be a student going into AFO then Interior Design I am wondering how can I sharpen my skills/learn what would you recommend right now? Because I know nothing other than it's basically Architectural design inside, laying out whats convenient for your customers and what utilizes good space.

Jack Ricker says:

Part 2 please

Bekka Litzner says:

Actually the best quality is Caran d’ache colored pencils

Talk about expensive wooo

One of the art teachers required those pencils and it was insane

Nina Dominguez says:

Great video & great advice! I'm an interior design student on my 2nd semester & we literally use all of these things EVERYDAY. Glad you know exactly what you're talking about. Please continue to post more interior design related videos! 🙂

Dani Leigh says:

I love your videos. I’m looking to be an interior design student (:


You should be doing spirit fingers! Your content is super poppin'! So informative and fun! Thank you!

Space for Edit says:

haha, i loved the ending- don't forget to put a ring on it 😀 So glad im not a student anymore :D:D

Giselle Peraza says:

I recently ordered some of the Prisma markes from the Blick website on sale for $3 as opposed to $6 (per marker)

itsmishy. says:

What good timing! I'm going to be starting my first year in interior architecture soon in Australia and I had no idea how to prepare myself. Thanks so much for the heads up! I'm living for your videos x

Corn says:

Keep doing you! I'm starting my diploma on August, and this really helps, thank you! Subscribed.

hanina yahia says:

I would really love if u do interior design student vlogs

Amela Sofradzjia says:

This is a very helpful video, thank you, Sandy.

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