Quitting is Not An Option

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Today I talk about Quitting not being an option. Plain and simple. No quitting. It’s a great mantra and will help you keep your head in the right place to never quit working on your lifelong Journey to a healthier, better YOU.

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Shelley DeGuzman says:

I needed to hear this ..thank you….

Ines Terway says:

Share what you eat. I need new ideas.

faypaints says:

Thank you for the inspiration, Dotti. You are doing so well on your journey, and the quotes were an inspiration, too. This Winter it has really been hard to just keep moving, so your thoughts were very timely for me. Yes, giving up is not an option. What a good reminder! Thanks for your encouraging videos! <3

Ines Terway says:

Post more often and people will watch more

INTJ Island says:

You are doing awesome Babe!

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