Logo Therapy– Logo Design, Sketching and Vectorizing Ep. 6

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Ongoing series where 2 designers critique 2 logos that are submitted by our audience. 2 logos, 2 designers, 2 countries— 30 minutes of logo design review and critique. See how professional designers tackle your logo challenges.

Mart Biemans
@martBiemans (IG)

Olguin Daviher Loredo
@davihero (IG)

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Isah Yazid says:

How do these guys sketch so effectively with photoshop, its so fast I can't seem to understand?

lem mobley says:

The urban pasta logo i just cannot get past the original wool logo. So I'll pass on that… I tried hard to get that outta my Head

lem mobley says:

Original "ill design" yuck…
Good job on the redesign… Typeface needs work as mentioned…

Louise McSharry says:

Like the quick explanation of the objectivity of an art director (hopefully!) And why it can be so tough to take feedback on your "babies"

Julie Kang says:

how does he do it so fast??

Artem Toderian says:

This was a nice episode. The Il Design logo is really cool done; great job guys!

APEEX says:

Great Job again you guys!

krystalTiger says:

Loved the unicorn mark and the integration of the ill…. would really love more clarification on how he was 'filling in' the logo shapes (in Illustrator) via the guides but not using the shape builder tool?? I couldn't quite grasp the answer when asked and it looked like an amazing time saver!!

Taylor Bee says:

How is he doing this circular guidelines (etc)?

clixbits says:

Great talk Chris, well done to both designers on the logos, Great work. It's kinda amusing though when you talk at the 22:42 mark about "new" paste inside shape function. Freehand mx (formerly a Macromedia product) had this feature all the way back in 2003 that's 16 years ago 16!!! Adobe "innovating" (16 years later).

TheDisell says:

Wait..what happened to the video with Maggie enterrios??

Anoop Fresco says:

New logo looks really modern and appealing

Tùng Nero says:

urban pasta guy make everything in so random, no grid at all, that make him so hard to done his job lol

VitalMercenary says:

Hey 0:56 the behance link is spelt wrong for his page, should be behance.net/StudioOpmars

Brian Callahan says:

always feels good when my thoughts and critiques of things are the same comments chris makes.. haha

Émile Painchaud says:

Logo Therapy videos quickly became my favorite episodes

Ian Kelley says:

Good work guys!

Nils Durner says:

Only problem I'm having with the Urban Pasta is that there is a swastika hidden in there… Now one could argue that the symbol is not bad in itself but I'd rather avoid using it.

Suchet M. says:

I kind of wish you guys had some sort of component of amateur designers – similar to the young guns – included in Logo Therapy. I think watching a beginner or amateur working on a logo – someone who has natural talent and watching you give them criticism as they go along, would be super educational!

Lucy Ken says:

That was a great video Chris! About being the "Overbearing art director" thing, I don't think you are like that at all. That comes from a personal experience to be honest. My current job has a creative director who really is failing in everything and just be there out of the corporate necessity. And the way how he gives critics is very "overbearing" like I must do exactly as whatever he says. And more than often, his art direction ends up being frowned upon by other creatives in our team and the clients due to the lack of creativity and the design he directs almost always looks very unpleasant and ugly in general. Compared to that, the way you criticize is much more insightful and respectful towards the designers. So don't worried, you are not being "overbearing" at all. (at least for me XD)

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