The global economy is slowing and it will continue into 2019, says expert

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Charles Dallara, Partners Group chairman of the Americas and former managing director at the Institute for International Finance, speaks on global markets with CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street.”

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Notification Email says:

limited growth, unlimited growth. inequality rising, jeff bezos just cash out weeks ago. the signal is clear.

Elizabeth Iloveelohim says:

It is slowing because the countries are standing against Israel

Happy Kids Channel says:

slowing by design of Elites and globalists to stop TRUMP and nationalism.

Viking Mike says:

The Justin Trudeau administration in Canada is 'projecting' the complete opposite of what is mentioned here. Which I fully agree with, the global economy is trending and heading directly towards a DEPRESSION. Trudeau 'spews' that house prices in Canada as well as GDP will be gaining ahead of [their] 'projected' (there's that word again) targets of 3 1/2% to 4% annual growth for 2019. This just goes to show that Liberalism is completely decoupled from all and every form of reality. And extremely dangerous as well. Unfortunately for over-leveraged Canadians, which is at least 60% if not more of the working class tax base, desperately 'need' to be told exactly what [they] 'want' to hear. By the end of this year 2019, the 'big reveal' of how fragile the Canadian economy actually is will reside somewhere between grim and nonexistent. Canadians have been lulled into a trance of living way beyond [their] means for over two decades. The time has now come to attempt to pay for [it] in a recessionary economic climate. Reality dictates that will not be happening. Canada will be getting a major economic 'shit-kicking' because of irrational exuberance and fiscal irresponsibility. Good reporting in this article. Why? Because [it] explains to people what they NEED to hear, and not the 'fluffy flufferton fluff-O-la' that people LOVE to hear to make them feel good about [their] shit economic decisions. There are people in Vancouver who earn $50K pre-taxed income that are carrying a mortgage of well over a million dollars. And borrowed the required down payment as well. Most Canadian mortgage holders are paying upwards of 80% of after tax income towards those payments and 'living' off of some form of credit. Either credit cards or HELOC's etc. The circumstances of [their] soon to be discovered reality will forever change the coarse of [their] economic future. Anyway, I have ranted on long enough here. Excellent report and Happy New Year. Cheers !

 “We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”

Ayn Rand

Francesco Cali' says:

This guy (as IIF CEO) was able to obtain the LTRO-1 & 2 refinancing program by ECB while retail greek bondholders got a 50% haircut. Thanks to Mr. Trichet, Draghi, Merkel and other EU leaders

Dennis W says:

Late in the business cycle. We are overdue a recession

jacob vaten says:

Everything is over valued.. the entire market dubble bubbled

ImaITman says:

CNBC why did you make the title to fit the narrative the reporter was continually trying to insinuate even though the actual financial expert LITERALLY said that the markets would realize the performance of the American stocks.

ImaITman says:

I don't want to live on this planet anymore. Like we literally will drive ourselves into a recession based on nothing but a negative idea. It's ridiculous. The majority of companies are posting good numbers and look really strong on paper yet because we have a negative THOUGHT then we're looking at a bear market.

A Manzella says:

So why is Brazil beating world markets?

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