Intermittent Fasting 20 Day Results

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The one sheet version of what you need to know with intermittent fasting. My results after 20 days and I’m not stopping!

Great article on IF:


FattiApples says:

Does the IF have to be 16:8? Can it be like 14:10?

Deepa Mohandass says:

I lost 4 kg in 2wks of intermittent fasting.

bijou bijoux says:

Stupid lesbian wanting muscles. Kill urself

rhaff dragon says:

Nice belly..

Dekets 890 says:

What are your hours


How much weight is that? 5, 10, 15?

liana mach says:

hhow many calories were u eating

Dr Ashish Sachdeva says:

I did intermittent fasting unknowingly at 27, while doing my postgraduation, because of lack of time and not knowing the location of canteen in new campus for first 8 months and lost a kg every month for the whole year. I felt very energetic. Would like to start again at 39 now.

Júlia Ružeková says:

I was fasting for 4 months for 16 hours a day and every day it ended up with binging so i don't recommend it.


I like the video! I'm sorry but I think you are sexy so hot.

jeffmack57 says:

I found this very interesting and informative. Thanks.

jeffmack57 says:

Hello to you!!

Luis Angel says:

you explain it well and simple thank you

Brina Williams says:

Thanks. I'm on day 5 of 90

Tracy Montoute says:

Did u say high carbs and high fats to break the fast? Can u give some examples of the fat foods we should eat?

russel macaya says:

what time you start when you do fasting?

Stash PHL says:

I might as well start now. I ate 1 chicken wing with like 2 spoons of rice (didn’t finish my food). 2 sunny side up eggs with a couple spoons of rice( couldn’t finish it either). Since Saturday. It is currently 6:42 am on a Tuesday. I will try to sleep, wake up and eat. I’ll sleep for about 6-7 hours.

Anyone wondering why I didn’t eat it’s because of me being depressed. Saturday night I ran into my ex. She was never big but when we were dating, well she was a little chunky but I loved it. Loved her.. anyway it’s been 4-5 years since I last saw her. Let’s just say WTF? She was hot when I dated her but now she’s like stunning. She easily looked like she dropped 20-30 pounds. So beautiful I was questioning myself of how did I ever have her in my life. I’m getting off topic..

Let’s just say I’ve been in a dark place since we last broke up. 2016 I weighed 130 ish-140tops(man btw). Now it’s 2019 I don’t even want to weigh my self. The last time I weighed my self was summer of 2018. I was 180 something I believe. That’s 50+ pounds I’ve gained in 3 years.

I found my happiness in food, I loved going out to eat. So I created this bad habit of going out to restaurants.. when I’m home I order out. I lost motivation to do anything but stay home and do nothing (22 years old of you are wondering). I broke the habit of eating out and start making my own meals. But the last run in with my ex was like what the hell am I doing.

All I been doing is drinking water mostly for the last 3 days. Idk I lost my appetite after seeing how she looked. I hope it’s not going to be another bad habit. But that’s why I’m here trying to maintain a healthy diet.

Jason Taylor says:

You are beautiful…im starting IF this week…..

aman deep says:

U r beautiful….look a bit like Sara Ali Khan who is a Bollywood diva

Mia Brown says:

Hello…your video was the best it was rt to the point ..i have been fasting for over 30 days ..i don't want to kno how much I've lost i just want to feel's easy and im happy !!!

Rayvin says:

im 208 5"11 rn, im aiming for 190-185, wish me luck!

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