The Secret Soviet Virus That Helps Kill Bacteria

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Antibiotic resistance is threatening to render antibiotics useless, but scientists may have found their answer in bacteria-eating viruses.

Can We Create New Humans With Bacteria? –
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The viruses that may save humanity
“A new approach to treating infection cannot come fast enough. For decades, we have relied on antibiotic drugs such as penicillin. Unless you were particularly young, elderly, or physically weak, you didn’t need to fear cuts, bruises, or basic operations. But as these drugs became more and more widespread, bacteria began to evolve new defences against these drugs – and the consequences have become alarming.”

Remember Life Before Antibiotics? No? Wait, It’ll Come to You
“After a century of gains in the war against infectious diseases, we’re losing ground. Common bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi are developing widespread immunity to some of our best weapons. Imagine a world where an uber-resistant staph infection could mean death by a paper cut.”

Phage Renaissance: New Hope against Antibiotic Resistance
“Researchers, too, are looking back to the pre-antibiotic era, but with the goal of resurrecting phages as antidotes for antibiotic resistance and solving medical, agricultural, and environmental problems.”

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Written by: Matt Morales


Pynee says:

wtf, everyone, this "virus" is not invented by the soviet union, it's not invented by anyone, this is a bacteria that existed before the humanity

John Rex The T-Rex Gamer says:

Spooky scary bacteriophage will shiver the bacteria spine it has sharp tail that goes into your dna killing the bacteria and it is dead

Donald Duck says:

Evolution is not real, but Jesus Christ is. He created everyone and everything, including you. He loves everyone, including you. God bless.

Alecrates Tundag says:

Will it kill TB?

just tired says:

It's not a secret…

T4 Bacteriophage says:

Bacteriophages are the best

Im Handsome Norman says:

Watch kurzgesagt videos

Admiral RNG says:


ne može says:

Why did you HAVE to call it Soviet cuz Americans use it to also its not a secret and you just want your video to be more interesting and more popular youre just lying to people and making them angry because "Americans dont have this amazing cure"

Lisa Simpson Rules says:

You know, it was never secret. Bacteriophages were discovered at around the same time that antibiotics (penicillin). It's just that modern western medicine went with the antibiotic solution (mostly). Now they are bringing it back because… misuse and overuse have created so many super-mega bugs that many don't respond to any type of antibiotic that we need them, and we are probably going to need them eve nmore. Now, if by secret you mean "I am completely ignorant about this. I've just heard about it so it must be a new discovery", yeah, you are right. Ignorance is very courageous to make any type of statements, as the Spanish saying goes.

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