Is U.S. Military Action In Venezuela Inevitable?

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Venezuela is in chaos! Inflation there is measured in seven figures, trade sanctions have disrupted commerce, and two men claim to be in charge; sitting president Nicholas Maduro, and legislative leader Juan Guido. Is U.S. military action in Venezuela now inevitable? Even imminent? Holland Cooke speaks with Dan Kovalik, Professor of International Human Rights at the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Law.


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peacock trader says:

Thas how they do it

Veve Charly says:

United States has an election of fraud, Republicans war criminal never won an election fairly and square without fraud cheat

Carlos Blanco says:

I love the leftists, is always someone's fault, they are free to whatever they want but none can put their own rules…

Jalal Souky says:

I call BS on this guy! The 2015 sanctions only targeted the bank accounts and assets of some high ranking officials of the regime. Sanctions on oil have were imposed a month ago and other sanctions that stopped the regime from restructuring debt a little before that. This NEW sanctions will of course have a negative effect in the economy and the Venezuelan people, but the crisis only has only one culprit and that is Maduro and his entourage of corrupt officials. +3M of Venezuelan have left the country in the last 4 years and 2018 closed with +1M% inflation. This was long before any US sanction.

Rani Rich says:

Total Bullshit! Socialist Maduro squandered Venezuelan wealth with the help of Russia, China and Cube! Obama is guilty of setting Venezuela up for this disaster by supporting Maduro and now President Trump has to clean up the mess and free Venezuelans from the unconstitutional dictatorship! Russia should be backing the Venezuelans instead of the Dictator … Putin is showing his true self!

Veve Charly says:

You put a sanction on a country to be starve now you want to help by sending weapons to the opposition to reverse the seating president.

Veve Charly says:

United States pig, Venezuela has right to circle around as much as they can to whomever they're feel like, because Venezuela is not under United States war criminal command .

Rubino Pride says:

We want intervention you don't know shit

Helen Lindsay says:

Americans are very disappointed at the inability of the government to negotiate an acceptable solution to the Venezuelan problem rather than going in with all guns blazing.We must remember all the us citizens who live there.”THE ART OF THE DEAL”,what a joke

Greg Chase says:


Maduro is the best advertising for socialism.

– the majority of the Venezuelan voters voted for Hugo Chavez
– and the first time he ran for office, Maduro was also elected by the majority of Venezuelans


"We voted for socialism. We voted to have our government NATIONALIZE, aka *STEAL* from shopkeepers and other job creators. Now we're thinking that was not such a great idea. Obi Wan USA, can you help?"


You voted for socialists. You voted for a particular outcome.

Live with it

There is no freaking way ANY U.S. soldier will lose any blood to rescue all the voters in Venezuela.
We cannot solve the world's problems.

You Venezuela voters deserve every minute of your OUTCOME.

Maduro is the BEST ADVERTISEMENT for socialism.

So let's keep that NITWIT in power indefinitely.


Raging Menace says:

American logic: Helping starving Venezuelans includes sanctioning Venezuela to worsen the poverty there and further starve the population.

This is why i believe Trump is a genius.

Mark Sousley says:

aaaa , aa, aaaaaaaaaaa , aaaaaaaaaaaa  You should not smoke pot before you go on air dude , it really does affect your speech ! Their socialists Government has destroyed the country and now this prick is starving them to try and get control again .. The End , yes we'll have to go in and crack some heads and send Nicholas Packing so this country can get back what they used to have in a free market and capitalism < Almost What we adults had to do here in The states ,then we Hired Trump …

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