Did China Make Taiwanese Horror Game Devotion Disappear? | China News Headlines

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Did Taiwanese video game Devotion try to place a curse on Xi Jinping by calling him a Winnie the Pooh moron? What is Sang Culture and why is it being censored? China suffers from a rapidly aging population, but may have two genetically engineered super babies to make up for it! Pig artificial intelligence facial recognition technology. And Tim Horton’s goes to China! That and more on this week’s China News Headlines!

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China Uncensored says:

Who here has played this game? And who here will play it now that there's been such a controversy?

AdHocFuture says:

I'm buying Devotion. It is a really good game. I really want to play it. Lots of good reviews before it was targeted.

Marc Twain says:

Please don't use the name of that Chinese scientist. He did it for the fame. You don't have to give him that fame.

Josh Madden says:

Hey Chris is it true that Chinese people eat fetus in their soup

David Gusqui Loor says:

Pooh wasn't happy was he?

MMC 33 says:

It's not math it's maths!!!!
Math is singular like one SUM
When describing a process to obtain results or such you'd describe it in plural,, would you not.?

BlackestManInTheVillage says:

is it me or is Chris super piss off in this video

BeingOfLight 1111 says:

The gmo babies are going to have views just like you, only more angry.

Matt memes says:

I just got a Fortnite advertisement. I thought Epic games pulls there advertisement from YouTube.

Mr. VW O' Day says:

xi ze pooh is upset again

BatAskal says:

Wow, China again outdid itself in dehumanization on a whole different level – lobotomy at a genetic scale. Customizing babies with the potential to remove the personality and individuality that makes up a human being. A perfect tool to create a generation of mind controlled genetic beings.

GamerDaddy says:

I want to play that game. #devotiongame

sooktoo k77 says:

China Uncensored is making game reviews now? you guys are rivaling China itself

FIRE_LORD510 says:

Xi loved money, i mean honey.

alt coin says:

A country that is too stupid to use an alphabet will never be a true superpower.

Chang Liu says:

Too many elderly people? No problem! The Party has decided to "encourage" elderly people to use "traditional" Chinese medication akin to voodooism, instead of modern scientific medication. One-child policy is actually "Planned Birth" (sounds like Planned Parenthood, eh?) if you translate it literally from Chinese (计划生育), and this new policy for the elderly is teased as "Planned Death"(计划死亡). Should I "thank" Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin for wreckovate China? Or maybe that Fulu should have these famous names on it as well.

4 Times as Interesting says:

Chris why aren't you talking about India and Pakistan, and how China reacted to the recent tensions??

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