Christine Blasey Ford's opening statement

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In opening remarks to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Christine Blasey Ford testifies that she believed Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was going to rape her and accidentally kill her in 1982.

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Abigal Pike says:

This is why people don't believe survivors of sexual assault!!!

spicecrop says:

I want a second front door, because one day my assaulter could be on the supreme court? WTF?

Mike Driver says:

Christine, your breathe smells like sweaty balls.

Shek McSheky says:

Sup retards

Lorenzo Corleone, Gonzales says:

FORD'S butthole smells like mayonnaise and vinegar juice with a sprinkle of sweaty ass

GameOver AdrenochromeAddicts says:

This hag tryna sound 16 instead of 60.

Rocco Z says:

She's trying way too hard to come across as frumpy, naive and child-like. And at some points it appears that she's reading with her hands like an ADHD-addled middle schooler. Wtf? And this supposedly woman teaches graduate psych?

Ras Alghul says:

What a grandstanding, lying, fake baby-voice, vocal fry hag.

ItsMoparOrNoCar says:


vic twenty says:


walterlv01 says:

Boy after the Democrats dragged this out for weeks they sure cast this lady to the side quick. By the time the vote was taken a week later all they could come up with was that Kavanaugh was too partisan and lacked temperament. It was almost as if she never even existed.

Stacey says:

Is that whiney, little girl voice normal for her? Pathetic.

Original Avocado says:


Lawrence Ding says:

Tough to watch a 50 year old woman trying to pull off the voice of a 15 year old girl to get sympathy.

Jim Rowley says:

How the heck did she receive twitter attacks when she deleted her account before coming forward? If she was at diving practice earlier, wearing her one piece bathing suit, why would she have dressed over a wet bathing suit? Didn't the place have locker rooms to change out of her wet bathing suit?

Too Shea Moto says:

Time for the perjury charge. Hope she gets some serious prison time for this charade.

hydro1957 says:

I am here today because I wan to be rich and famous. Go red and crew the blue!!!

Teemo Bot says:

Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard…Eugh!

S955US84 says:

Saying that never wanted to go public was just another big LIE from Blasey Ford.
Why else would she go to her congresswoman and start this whole mess?
Blasey Ford also took her story to the Washington Post – again searching for publicity.
She wanted to blow up BK with her UNFOUNDED ALLEGATIONS that no one could corroborate – not the people she named nor the FBI.

Forgotten Eden says:

A number of parties? How many all night benders?

Forgotten Eden says:

Wow she is really scared. What the hell did they threaten this woman with to make her do this?

kitto w says:

She is like an actress reading from her lines. So disgusting

Cleveland Brown says:

Don't trust people with 3 names

sinbad77 says:

The fact that she was threatened is terrible, but what does that have to do with kavenaugh, or the truth of the accusations.

sinbad77 says:

I personally can't tell if she is being truthful, but it bothers me she did not take legal actions before. Are we just supposed to believe accusers? We can't operate that way. She speaks if the whole truth but we just have her word, and she has stayed quiet what 30 years?

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