China's War on Pollution

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Lenora Keys says:

It's sad that Trump wants more coal-production, because he wants to create more jobs. But renewable energy creates even more jobs and also fights pollution T^T

Supreme Bubbo says:

dang, it seems like Polymatter makes a lot of USA related videos

Jacob S says:

Please be mindful of the 50¢ Army, China's social media propaganda arm. See here: About 1/4 of the comments I have read so far are fake accounts commenting for the CCP.

Câlli's Lingustics says:

Please stop glorifying an oppressive authoritarian regime

Doubtfull1988 says:

Chinese people were coughing to death they had too lol.

TMC MarCodeRed says:

I'm so invested in China, they're really thinking ahead.

Robert legitd00d says:

I really enjoy your video but can you state your sources for the graphs

hentaioverwhelming says:

Will you have a video about China's high speed rail sometime later?

manpreet singh says:

How does the battery’s are made for the vehicles?
How the decomposition takes place?
What is the life of those battery in comparison to Smart Car?

Koon Jay says:

China just shit

Bas Bastiaansen says:

It's a misconception to think that co2 is the cause of smog. Smog is caused by an overdosis of ozon, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide.

Avery Tatavitto says:

Still not enough.

Alex Shi says:

Easy solution to the number plate problem: buy a plate from a less populated province, the only bad thing about this is that you can't use elevated highways and get some driving restrictions.

A. Jag says:

But… but climate change is fake right? MAGA, Lock her up! Murica yea!!!!!

Gavin Paprino says:

China: *breathes *
PolyMatter: vigorously writes video script

ahnafj416 says:

Where was apple this video?

Jay Patel says:

Polymatter is going after big countries for views but the admin doesn't understand is that China doesn't have YouTube
Maybe he should start making videos about India lol

Jacob S says:

Man, you give waaayy too much credit to the CCP. In reality they are about as organized and proactive as a 5 year old's bag of legos. The CCP is more of a reactive government rather than a proactive one with policies that are superficial at best. They are all about saving face in the moment to stay in power and putting short term economic growth above all else. Please watch some videos of people actually living with the pollution in China and the CCP's "solutions" to it like this one: before you regurgitate the propaganda the CCP blasts all over the world. BTW, vehicles only account for a portion of the world's pollution, a large majority of it comes from manufacturing and heavy industry both of which China is doing nothing about in the interest of retaining economic growth. I am a long time subscriber and would prefer you do more company profiles and avoid politics.

Jimmy Chan says:

Did polymatter say something funny? Else why is everyone say that: China did something and polymatter makes a video about. Could someone fill me in?

Elmo says:

21% of electric cars sold in 2018 was sold in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Hangzhou and Guangzhou, think about that

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