UFO Hunters: FULL EPISODE – Crash and Retrieval (Season 1, Episode 4) | History

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In August of 2007, in the Mexican towns of Ciudad de Valles and Xilitla, reports of “a silver object falling from the sky,” and “a fireball coming down over a tree,” were called into the Center for Control. Our team will interview the witnesses who have collected evidence and visit sites where the area has been burned in Season 1, Episode 4, “Crash and Retrieval”. #UFOHunters
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Watch Project Blue Book, Tuesdays at 10/9c!

Robert Evans says:

You guys are a joke and fraud. Get a life and a real job. Trying to make some rusty trash into something connected to a UFO incident is laughable. How do you sleep at night ? Heraldo finding Al Capone's vault is more believable compared to this. And that was total b.s.

David Walker says:


Melina Alvarez says:

Xilitla is not desertic

Dave says:

"Hunt down the witnesses" … you mean 'track down' … I don't think the witnesses need to be hunted.

Rumple Foreskin says:

"We're going to crack this case wide open.." Nope again!

diamencik1 says:

Ball Lightning .

Earth Angels says:

The History channel just lost all credibility by having these guys on air. So much BS conspiracy theories…..

Peter Deutsch says:

If aliens came all this way only to crash on the planet surface, that's a sad state of affairs.

Diego Fianza says:

Experimental Producer, “Basically, an EMP event is a very strong electrical magnetic pulse…” WHAT A SHAM! Just bc a person with glasses and a lab coat says something, don’t assume said person has any scientific or engineering advanced education. History Channel shame on u. Have some standards.

K G says:

Wearing a black jacket in the desert?

K G says:

To those that may not know. Mouthy Budda has a couple of awesome UFO videos.

K G says:

Mexico is prone to UFO sightings I swear.

Peter Paul Media says:

Ball lightening

Alexis Chavez says:

I feel like aliens exist but havent come to earth. And those ufos are just top secret goverment projects.

Tony Montgomery says:

Why does he blink so hard?

Blacknation2017 says:

I see ufos every night when I star watch .i have tons of video from my I phone if anybody care to tell me y some stars move back and forth then fly way .

Mike Bastoni says:

There no such thing as UFO government never prove to us

Matt Foley says:

I am the dog the big bad dog BOUNTY HUNTER

jc1990wm says:

Gtfoh…you never going to get a ufo scrapes…govt will recover before u ever know

2335467 says:

Coming from those UFO Hunter idiots don't mean a thing.

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