EASY MONEY: $500/Day with Freelance Web Design

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In today’s livestream, I breakdown the simplest and easiest way to make $500 per day as a freelance web designer. All you need a laptop and effort. That’s literally it. Take notes.

My name is Youssef Sarhan and I show people how to use web design to make a full–time income online. Want my mentorship? Go here: https://zeropattern.com


Germain Rodriguez says:

Thanks for making videos!

Fatima camara says:

This video is pure GOLD!!! I feel like I should have paid money for this information lol I look forward to zero pattern and your course.

kevin calles says:

great video, came across this via twitter!

Josh says:

Jesus loves you.

Clint Squires says:

Fantastic video

edgar maya says:

Why do you recommend using WordPress over Webflow? You were about to go in depth in the video but you kinda of went to another topic?

Nabil Anan says:

Hey Yf, I'm new to learning UX Design and currently I'm learning the basics. Is there anything you would like to suggest me? Any specific course I should do?

C P says:

What do you think about the new Squarespace features? They will only clone WordPress soon enough.:)

Confidence Is Key says:

Youssef, quick one for you. I'm looking at getting into coding. I am a beginner in every sense of the word. What would you suggest the best coding language to learn would be and what would be the best way of going about learning it? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Btw I realise this video has nothing to do with coding, just thought it might be the best place to get you

Indolfo Quintero says:

do you have to create a domain for each company? in that case do they have to pay monthly in order for their domain to be accessible.

William Jeff says:

All this value I can’t comprehend all of it this is amazing

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