Top 10 Celeb Transformations – Before and After!

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Top 10 Celebs Who Were Unrecognizable After Weight Loss
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Now this is just incredible. Stars like Kirstie Alley, Missy Elliot and Jennifer Hudson lost so much weight we don’t even recognize them! WatchMojo is counting down the celebrities who look completely different after weight loss.

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#10: Roseanne Barr
#9: Kirstie Alley
#8: Graham Elliot
#7: Missy Elliott
#6: Abby Lee Miller
#5: Jennifer Hudson
#4: ‘Mama’ June Shannon
#3, #2 & #1???

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Mark Barden says:

Mama June. From Not To Not.

Brigitte Beaulieu says:

You need to make a 3rd one and include Kevin Smith, Chris Pratt, Adele and Kelly Osbourne

Kevin Rehar says:

Will Sasso, formerly of "MadTV," dropped quite a bit of weight during his tenure on the show. Although maybe not as popular as some on this list, he is an incredibly funny person and I commend him (as well as everyone on this list) for his efforts. I only hope these celebrities lost weight for themselves and not to please the public.

Sharon Quebral says:

Ewww they are all cloned

Asha Ell says:

Yassssss Josh appreciated

Anne-Marie Æfan says:

um… Mamma June is NO celebtity !

C L says:

depite the public's opinion of roseanne, but I adore her and wish her the best.

A babble says:

I'm calling bullshit on Missy Elliott. Graves Disease is the result of an UNDERactive thyroid which ALWAYS leads to weight GAIN. If she were losing weight related to the thyroid she would have an OVERactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism). Exercise is only 20% of weight loss – 80% is diet. I reckon she's had gastric bypass surgery, especially to loose so much weight with Graves Disease. Facts.

PsychoKitty사랑 says:

Oh thank god Josh got the first spot

Theresa Marie says:

Drew Carey looks pretty darn good!

daegun norris says:

We gunna forget Gucci?

Rodel A says:

Dude… you forgot Ethan Suplee ! For me, he's the #1 . Get a flashback from the movie "Remember the Titans".

NewBerlinWall says:

As a european I don't understand how much weight these people lost

waitingfortheworldtoburn nrubotdlroehtrofgnitiaw says:

drew carry looks younger too

Car La says:

Sadly they all talking about looking better, just to honor the fact it was a choice to live healthier. So its the wrong message for a lot of girls and women. However they all did a very great job.

Ed ralsei says:

they all look amazing

zzzzHUHzzzz says:

Graves disease is an autoimmune disease that causes an overactive thyroid, or hyperthyroidism. It does not attack the heart or muscles. The thyroid creates hormones that assist in regulating just about every biological function, so an imbalance can affect many processes, but to say it attacks the heart or muscles is beyond a stretch, all the way into completely incorrect.

HKH HKH says:

How in the hell does someone like "mama june" get her own tv show, how is that possible and who would watch it???

D Hamer-Castillo says:

Anthony something from “black-ish”. And Star Jones was the biggest weight lost, she used to look like a blimp in a dress.

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