Doc Rivers Pays Respect To Dirk Nowitzki With Standing Ovation | February 25, 2019

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Doc Rivers got on the PA microphone at the end of the 4th quarter to pay his respect to Dirk Nowitzki.

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Flaming Charcoal says:

Mad respect for Doc here

OneTimez says:

Doc did a great thing for a great all time player.

Shittsy Giggle says:

I hate dallas everything but Dirk is on the basketball Mt. Rushmore without a question.

MultiAndrejjj says:

This is why we love NBA

mikoyyuy13 says:

That girl at 0:11 is very very nice indeed.

FMFvideos says:

Last player of the great PFs era. Duncan, Garnett, Webber, Dirk, etc.

mamad yusop says:

Loyal mavs player. Greatest dallas player ever

patro M says:

Starting 5 of 2011 Miami Heat disliked this

Bastian Falk says:

Nice thing!

Ludwig Fischer says:

1500 Spiele. An alle Profisportler in Deutschland. Bitte eine Scheibe von Dirk abschneiden und tief einatmen. Der ist das Paradebeispiel eines demütigen Megastars.

Rudie Obias says:

"We already beat you and the game is well in hand. How about a standing ovation for the opponent?"

Amone KD says:

Dirk is pure "CLASS"…respect!

OK Nick says:

Hold up a second, which 5 insanely stupid people disliked this video?

Void Monkey says:

Why didn’t I get one?

olaf jessen says:

Großartige Geste von Doc Rivers! Gänsehautmoment

Dakeem Isaac says:

Much respect that's a fucking legend


I know I'll have this happen and they'll bow to me every game when I retire"—–lebaby

Will Coleman says:

Dirk has been in this league for a long time Thank you Dirk

Lämp Now says:

Just so you know, Dirk is one of the only players in history to carry a team to the championship while being the only good player on that team, and he went against the Miami Heat with the big three. Think about that. Maverick fans should be grateful for this man.

AWi says:

he hasn't said he will retire after this season but after the all star game and this he is almost forced to do so. would be way to akward to play another year now

My Thai says:


Tjaya Budi Santoso says:

Doc.. great attitude

Randyy1 says:

What a class act, respect for Doc.

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