We thought this puppy was dead. Watch her incredible recovery!

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Her head was flipped backwards and lay in a pool of blood. Her neck seemed broken, but when we came close, we saw her breathing. We scooped her up and hurried her to our hospital and immediately began treating her for brain swelling and pain. Her consciousness came and went, but she was unable to control her movement. Standing and even eating was completely impossible and her eyes were dull. We feared the worst. But slowly her life force stirred and progress began. Meet Jellybean today.
Please help us rescue the next precious street animal. This is team-work and we need you on this team. Please donate.


cheristar says:

Thanks for helping these poor animals. Your help won't go unnoticed.

melanie martinez *-* says:

Yazık ya 🙁 Allah hayvanları korusun Allah sizden de razı olsun . ❤

Anil raj says:

Bhai too blockbuster superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Devansh Dixit says:

In the starting the video was very emotional and the last the happiest momey
U guys r doing very well

kartik sharma says:

I love you all, the people who are doing so nice work God May give you each and every single happiness

Bijay Cresta says:

I respect you team really you gyz like god

Mehar Sandeep says:

God bless you sir god saves you

Kent County Animal Rescue says:

you guys are amazing !! I so wish i could help we also do rescues in our area and from one rescue to another your an inspiration !! please join our page we need all the support we can get hopefully we can team up someday i think all rescues should help each other https://youtu.be/kRVfo5Lhea4

Arlii says:

Dobrze, że są jeszcze tacy ludzie, którzy ratują te psiaki

Prince Sharma says:


Александра Демид says:

Боже, сколько же в этих людях доброты, любви!!! счастливые!

yiğit polat says:

Kim yaptıysa allah belasını versin

hollywood maker says:

Yaara i really proud of you guys…..
Salute u…..

Cn7iH3r2s says:


xnxxTUBE says:

Thanks to the angels, when he picked up the dog, I saw his eyes hurt, thank you the good people …

yohana bustamante says:

Cada like es una ayuda para el perrito pobre ya me puse a llorar


How to contact you people???
Please let us know….

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